Multi-process HRSourcing

Seeking World Class HR Recovery

An exclusive adaptation of The Hackett Group’s 2011 HR Book of Numbers reveals the challenges—and opportunities—that workforce leaders confront.
By Harry Osle, Global HR Practice Leader at The Hackett Group
The following presentation offers key findings from The Hackett Group’s 2011 HR Book of Numbers research volume, “From Operational Excellence to Strategic Differentiation: Building the Capabilities of a World-Class HR Organization.” Findings are drawn from Hackett’s annual data cut of in-depth HR benchmarks. The research analyses benchmark data from more than 200 companies, most with revenue over $1 billion.
It chronicles the extraordinar—and enduring—hit that human resources departments suffered as a result of the recession. It explores how talent managers are adjusting to the “new normal.”
But it goes beyond a simple transcription. Using the Hackett definition of “world class” and “typical” organizations, it normalizes for character of company. It notes world class organizations’ fundamentally different approaches to transaction and technology. It pulls apart service delivery models.
In sum, it will help you accelerate your learning curve toward the “new normal.”
—The Editors
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