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PlatformOne Announces 2006 Signings in Mid-Market

PlatformOne has announced that its Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing (HR-BPO) initiative has led to five more contracts covering more than 35,000 new employees under management.

PlatformOne offers HR Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) solutions that include HR technology, HR administrative services, and HR professional support to mid-market companies with approximately 500 to 15,000 employees.

The clients who signed with PlatformOne include the National Association Management Group (NAMG), which provides key business services to industry associations and their members; Business Advantage, Inc., which delivers technology and services solutions to small business entrepreneurs; the Georgia Bankers Association Insurance Trust (GBAIT); Stellar Partners, a hospitality industry retailer; and Park ‘N Fly, transportation services.

“Having just completed our first half with over 35,000 new employees to service under contract, we are still confident of our front running position in the mid-market, and look forward to the balance of 2006 with anticipation of even greater successes,” said Tony Foley, President of PlatformOne.

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