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Lonestar Truck Groups Enters Second Generation Engagement with Ceridian

Multi-state truck dealership company Lonestar Truck Group signs on with Ceridian to help streamline its payroll and HR processes to save money and time. Since 2001 Lonestar Truck Group had been using another payroll vendor’s application, but the company decided to review other options, and requested more information from Ceridian and two other payroll vendors.

“From the very beginning we were impressed with Ceridian’s resources and their approach,” commented Dan Chase, Lonestar’s CFO. “The first thing Ceridian did was work to understand our business. Then they walked us through an ROI process that demonstrated how the use of their products and services could help realize both hard and soft savings. Once they understood our processes and applications they were able to demonstrate how their solutions met our needs.”

Ceridian will partner with Lonestar to help them implement Ceridian’s payroll, self-service, recruiting, COBRA, and employee screening solutions.
“Ceridian’s primary purpose in the marketplace is to help existing and potential clients create value,” commented John F. Hunter, executive vice president and general manager of Ceridian’s payroll business. “Some of the tools we have already built and others we are creating are designed to work with customers to help them identify ways in which they can work smarter and become more efficient, effective and profitable.” 

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