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NY HR Week and HRO World give conference attendees content with quantity and quality.

by Harry Feinberg

Might I be so bold as to invite you to turn to page 28 before finishing this months issue, find the registration form, fill it out, and send it in? Why? Because here it is againNY HR Week featuring HRO World, April 11 to 14, 2005, at the Hilton Hotel on 6th Avenue in New York City. The NY HR Week event has become the second largest HR event in the world and the largest HR outsourcing conference on the globe.

NY HR Week includes the HRO World Conference and Exposition, TecHR World, the HRO and FAO Executive Summit, the HR-XML Consortiums annual meeting, the HRO and FAO Providers-Only Workshop, and new this year to the event, the Human Resources Association of New Yorks Solutions Conference. And for those who want to be even more active in the HRO industry, youll want to attend the Human Resources Outsourcing Associations annual meeting on the morning of April 14. Thats right, seven events in one. And if that isnt enough incentive, here are a few more reasons youll want to attend.

At NY HR Week, youll want to see and hear expert thought leaders revelations on the newest industry trends: verticalization, standardization, globalization, consolidation, and regionalization. Youll want to prepare yourself to be strategic, which as a top HR professional is your challenge for the future. Youll want to be there to experience a stellar program of speakers who will provide you with more take-home knowledge than anywhere else on how HRO drives business results.

World-class keynote speakers include Lea Soupata, senior vice president of HR for UPS, who manages the organizations 350,000 worldwide employees, and John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and Pepsi and current Chairman of Verified Person, on April 12. Susan Oliver, senior vice president of HR for Walmart (an organization that is rivaling some small countries in size), keynotes on April 13.

More than 160 other speakers and panelists will be there as well, such as Naomi Bloom, managing partner of Bloom and Wallace, who is the ideal keynote speaker of the TecHR 2005 Conference. Only Naomi can lay claim to advising more large corporate clients and HR software and service providers on HRM effectiveness than any other single human.

And, heres another important reason why youll want to be there: There are more than 175 HRO exhibitors running the gamut from HR technology experts, benefits providers, a consultants corner with free sessions, training and development organizations, recruitment specialists, recognition companies, and enterprise-level HRO providers. If you are shopping for HRO opportunities, this is the place to compare and contrast.

NY HR Week is also expecting a record audience in 2005well in excess of 2004s 2,700 attendees. This is your opportunity to network with peers and HR leaders from a variety of industries and organizations and share their stories and questions about HRO.

If you are an HR, finance, or government leader contemplating HRO, then you need to be in NYC at the Hilton Hotel on April 11 through 14. There, youll hear the stories of the biggest and most recent HRO deals of 2004more than $2 billion worth, much of which was generated at this world-class event last year.

Unfortunately, the Editor-in-Chief of this fine publication only gives me 600 words to write this column. So although I could continue for another 6,000 words, I will instead invite you to read pages 21 to 28 in this months issue of HRO Today for all the scoop on NY HR Week 2005.

Just remember one thing: Dont forget to register today at See you at the show.

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