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CEO’s Corner: Showing Our Outsourcing Face

Now that he’s figured out the lay of the land, he’s drawn up plans sure to make readers even happier.

by Elliot Clark

Having survived my first month as the CEO of Outsourcing Today, I’ve had an opportunity to see up close how our operations work, and I want to let our loyal readers, customers, and prospects to discuss some of the exciting things that are changing at HRO Today. I also wanted to write about what is NOT changing.

First, let us talk about what is not changing. The same high quality staff is leading our magazine. Publisher Jay Whitehead, Editor-In-Chief Andy Teng, and Managing Publisher Gale Tedeschi will continue at the helm of the best reporting and production staff in the HRO publication industry.

We will continue our laser-sharp focus on HRO. HR are the first two letters of HRO, but not the whole story. We have a commitment to both the buyers and providers in the HRO community to not water down our coverage by becoming a more generic HR publication.

We know from reader feedback, titles on our mailing lists, and comments about the success of our advertisers that our readers are at the executive level. We know that while they may have been HR generalists at one time in their careers, they are now focused on the strategic and operational issues associated with the delivery of HR, often on a global scale. We will continue to aim our content for these strategic executives and key operational decision makers.

We have seen media properties redesigned for the HR generalist, and we strongly believe this does not work. We will not disappoint our loyal readers, advertisers, and contributors by losing sight of the niche orientation that has made us the leading publication in HRO.

We need to let our competition know that HRO is not a column, it’s not a feature, it’s not a once-a-year topic. HRO is our community, and HRO Today will forever be its voice. At a time when the nature of HRO is changing—from lift-and-shift to HR transformation—our publication is needed more than ever for its continuing coverage on this and other important shifts in the marketplace.

However, to serve you better, we will make some changes. We are globalizing, we are adding staff in Asia, and we are looking for offices in Europe. Our commitment to HRO as a global phenomenon requires our company to invest in a global footprint. We will be working to improve our editorial content, and we will be providing broader coverage of key areas of HRO based on your feedback. You will see these changes occurring during the next year.

We are also increasing our online offerings to provide our clients with more options and bundled programs that they can use to educate the market about the rapid advancements in HRO programs. Because, while the HRO market itself is changing, so is the media business, and print and electronic editions these days are inseparable. Readers want both the colorful, high-end look and feel of a print publication as well as the rapid access and searchable nature of online content. In addition, you’ll see more online-only stories, case studies, and interviews on our web site, .

In fact, we’ll roll out a redesign of our web site in the coming months so you, the reader, can find relevant information more quickly. Accompanying the redesign will be video content for the TV generation among us. After all, 2007 promises to be the year of the Internet TV. These and other efforts will be aimed at helping to make the Outsourcing Today readership experience more enriching and comprehensive, so stay tuned for all the good stuff we’ll implement during the next few months.

I also would like to encourage you to contact me at and let me know how we can improve HRO Today. Often, our most useful ideas come from you. We are excited, and we hope you are too. I look forward to hearing from you. ?

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