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2010 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Top Multi-Process Providers

The top multi-process HRO providers are ranked based on our survey.

The rankings contained within the Baker’s Dozen for Multi-Process Enterprise HRO and other service areas in HRO Today are based on customer survey data. The indices result from a multi-step process. HRO Today identified 15 top multi-process enterprise HRO providers. Our survey research team then asked providers to identify customers to be surveyed. Using the HRO Today database, we identified other buyers to survey. Each respondent was asked about services provided, scope and scale of services, and the quality and satisfaction with the services. 
Respondents provide email addresses for verification, but responses are kept in strictest confidence. Once collected, information is loaded into the HRO Today database and analyzed to score each provider having a statistically significant sample. For this survey, we received feedback from more than 60 verified customers. The rankings are based on point assignments and weightings of questions and a predetermined algorithm that calculates the overall score based on breadth, scope and scale, and quality. Rankings and weightings are determined statistically, and all feedback is from customers. The ratings are not the opinions of HRO Today staff.  We only provide a methodology, and we do not claim that our methodology is the only ratings program available; we do, however, vouch for its statistical validity.
Clearly discernible trends emerge from the 2010 data. Mid-market providers have reached the top of the overall rankings in comparison to large market providers, despite a deficit in size of deals. Why? The mid- market providers have held the line in providing standardized technology platforms. They will configure, but not customize. This makes implementation a process-mapping exercise versus an HRMS nightmare, and an easier overall effort. In addition, they do not face the difficult and years-old, hidebound, sacred cow processes of large market companies, which confound both HRO providers and buyers alike. In our last survey, the mid-market firms fell down the list because of the multipliers on larger deals related to size of deal and scope of service. But most mid-market firms have increased their service envelope, and some have moved their deal sizes up as well. However, the real shift was the comparison of service quality scores. Even taking into account complexity issues, the mid-market buyers are happier. We hope this ranking provides you some insight into your next RFP process.
1. ADP
2. Ceridian
3. IBM
4. Accenture
5. Convergys
6. NorthgateArinso
7. ACS
8. Hewitt
9. CaliberPoint
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