Revolutionary Talent Cloud Management Solution from Geometric Results, Inc. and Genesys Changing Talent Sourcing Landscape

DETROIT — The MSP industry’s first comprehensive talent cloud management solution, unveiled late last year, is bringing formative changes to the ways businesses find and secure talent.

Geometric Results, Inc.’s (GRI) talent cloud partnership with Genesys remains the industry’s first fully customizable, client-specific talent cloud management solution, extending beyond traditional staffing supply chains. “Both companies’ talent cloud strategies have been uniquely integrated into a single, cohesive delivery model that have made talent clouds a reality. GRI’s continued commitment to innovative solutions for our MSP clients led us to this partnership, which we are pleased to report is already a game-changer in the industry,” said GRI president Art Knapp.

For every client, GRI and Genesys employ a mutually collaborative and consultative approach. The Genesys team curates client- and industry-specific talent clouds by vetting enterprise-class candidates through public and private sources. Candidates utilize a streamlined engagement system that simplifies the process by using social media, gamification/referrals, and targeted communications. “The expertise of our curation teams and the flexibility of the talent clouds creates enhanced candidate experience and mobility, while improving access to talent for businesses. This accelerates hiring cycle times, provides access to previously hidden talent, and generates new cost savings.” said Rick Roberts, founder and president of Genesys.

GRI’s early adopters, operating across a range of industries, are reaping benefits. Clients in energy, logistics, and technology sectors have established curated talent clouds to successfully fill traditionally difficult-to-fill positions. Through a curated talent cloud, one client has hired more than 30 military veterans in under two months. By partnering with Genesys, these GRI clients have also established a brand image within the hiring community that draws more highly-qualified candidates. All of these benefits come with reduced cycle times and at a lower cost than those provided by previous traditional agency-based staffing firms.

As talent sourcing innovators, GRI and Genesys have combined the best practices of managed services and talent clouds so leading companies can achieve a competitive advantage in talent sourcing. “We are seeing evidence that the Genesys solution is the next major evolution in talent strategy for enterprise customers. I’m certain talent clouds will continue to have a solidly positive effect for every participant in the talent ecosystem,” said Mike Willis, chairman of Willis Group, parent company of Genesys.

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