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New Research: 43% of Employees Don’t Feel Valued by their Employer

WorkForce Software’s third annual Global Employee Experience (EX) Study finds that while managers have a better understanding of their frontline workers’ growing expectations, there is a lack of action from employers. There is considerable work to do to solve problems faced by deskless workers. The 2023 findings show that the challenges underlying the experience gap remain with more than two in five (43%) employees not feeling valued by their employer, and more than a third (35%) believing their employer does not recognize their contributions to the business.

This combined with the fact that many deskless or front-line employees are not given scheduling flexibility, can’t easily access training, and are not offered tools to enable simple digital communications, is perpetuating significant employee dissatisfaction. In fact, more than half (54%) of employees said they are open to leaving their place of work in the next six months, and one in five (20%) are unlikely to recommend their place of work to a friend or family member.

To combat this dissatisfaction and disengagement, the study recommends key areas to focus on.

Offer scheduling flexibility and autonomy. Employers recognize schedule flexibility as important but lack modern workforce management technology solutions that enable shift swapping, adequate planning, and adaptability for personal circumstances.

  • The majority (74%) of dissatisfied employees express a strong desire to work for an employer who offers scheduling flexibility, and more than half (54%) are willing to leave to find an employer who will.
  • More than half (52%) of employees still rely on outdated practices like paper timesheets and manual shift-swapping requests via email, text, or simply asking a manager or co-worker to swap, and 55% can’t swap shifts with other employees at all.
  • Almost three in five (58%) employees don’t receive their schedule more than a week in advance. Meanwhile, more than a third (36%) of employees still need to contact their managers via email, SMS, or messaging platforms to obtain schedule information in the first place.

Provide easy access to training. Investing in the development of frontline staff not only enhances their capabilities, but it also nurtures their intrinsic desire to contribute, innovate, and excel.

  • More than two in five (44%) employees don’t agree that their company provides adequate training opportunities.
  • The majority (74%) of dissatisfied employees would prefer to work for an employer that provides easy access to training.
  • Three in five (60%) employees would prefer to access training through a mobile device, but only 19% have access to this option.

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