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Burnout and AI Among Leading Wellness Trends in 2024

MediKeeper, a leading provider of customizable wellness portals to healthcare providers, insurance brokers, wellness companies, TPAs, and corporate employers, announced their annual list of emerging trends in the employee wellness market for 2024.  

MediKeeper’s report highlights five key trends that will play a role in employee health and wellness. Dr. Tyler Amell, chief health and strategy officer at MediKeeper, says that “understanding these trends can help organizations better plan for 2024 and beyond as well as help best support their people to be engaged and thrive in a positive health culture.” 

The top trends for 2024 can be found below.  

  • Engagement doesn’t matter. What really matters is program participation by those most at risk for chronic diseases related to lifestyle behaviors, or those already with conditions.  
  • Employee burnout is not going away anytime soon. Toxic workplaces, long hours, understaffing, lack of recognition, interpersonal conflict, and policies that don’t make sense to workers contribute to the issue.  
  • AI will have an even greater impact. Despite AI’s limitations, its usage will continue to evolve in the near future. Furthermore, it will grow in popularity and impact workplace health and productivity strategy and programming.  
  • Remote and hybrid work will be coveted by employees. Employers should be prepared for continued pressure to accommodate worker desire for remote and hybrid work options.  
  • It may be time for a four-day work week. There is mounting evidence that a switch to a four-day work week is associated with positive benefits for all stakeholders, and that employers should consider this as part of their well-being strategy.  

Full details of the report can be found here.

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