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Fastest-Growing Remote Jobs Include Sales, Account Management

Demand for remote and hybrid work continues to climb, with a recent FlexJobs survey finding most people (51%) favor a fully remote job. To help job seekers identify the most promising remote career opportunities in 2024, FlexJobs has shared seven fast-growing career fields for fully remote jobs. Analyzing more than 50 career categories in its database, the career service compared the total number of job postings for 100% remote jobs between January and December 2023 to find the emerging remote career categories with 10% or more growth over the past year.  

“These expanding career fields are an excellent indication of the wide range of industries embracing fully remote work,” says Toni Frana, lead career expert at FlexJobs. “With the work landscape undergoing significant changes in the past few years, our latest data is a strong signal that the momentum for fully remote jobs isn’t slowing down.”  

A fully remote job is defined as any professional-level role that allows the worker to perform their job entirely from home. The below categories are ranked in order from highest to lowest growth.  

  1. Sales 
  2. Account Management 
  3. Client Services 
  4. Business Development 
  5. Bilingual 
  6. Medical and Health 
  7. Education 

Of the top seven career categories, sales saw the highest growth rate (48%) in the last year. Account management, client services, business development, and bilingual closely followed, with each category growing upward of 15% in the number of remote job postings. Medical and health and education rounded out the list, scaling by 13% and 10%, respectively.  

The ranking excludes top career categories that routinely dominate the remote job marketplace, including computer and IT, accounting and finance, marketing, customer service, and project management.  

According to FlexJobs’ career experts, staying up to date on the latest remote and hybrid work trends is but one part of an effective job search. In addition to sharing the top job fields, the career service compiled a remote job search guide with examples of must-ask questions for job seekers, including what to look for in a remote job description, how to apply to a remote role, and what to keep in mind during a remote job interview.  

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