Recognition & Rewards

The Power of Recognition

Employee recognition can help maintain positive company culture during a crisis.

By Debbie Bolla

Recognition has always been a valuable tool to engage and retain employees, but it is really showing its strength during the global pandemic. The crisis has forced organizations to think and act quickly, impacting the experience of employees in a variety of ways. To ensure workforce wellness and safety, many employees had to shift to working from home. And now, as the world begins to heal and employees return to work, organizations will have to enlist another wave of changes.

Maintaining frequent and consistent recognition that aligns to company values can aid in the process. This is a key element of Culture Continuity™, defined by Achievers as the maintenance of culture alignment and the extent to which an organization aligns its business decisions to its company values.

“Organizational development research and real-world business experience tells us that behaving in ways that support a company’s unique core values is predictive of great outcomes for people (higher levels of employee satisfaction, engagement, and longevity) and companies (greater levels of productivity and profitability),” says Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, chief workforce scientist for recognition partner Achievers.

Recognition is a positive approach to engaging with employees on their hard work and accomplishments. What are the key factors to delivering recognition that lead to the most success?

  • Frequency: make sure to recognize individuals at least once a month.
  • Quality: the acknowledgement should be tied to company values.
  • Personal: the more specific to the individual being recognized, the better.
  • Sharing: highlighting good work across the organization has a greater impact.

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