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Productivity on the Rise in New Zealand

Strong job security and skill shortages have led to significant job movement throughout the country, according to research from Robert Half.

By Maggie Mancini

The job market in New Zealand is experiencing a period of significant movement due to skill shortages, government initiatives, and the evolution of the digital economy, according to research from Robert Half. Companies are continuing to add to their headcount and are searching for candidates with in-demand skills in data, cybersecurity, financial planning, and data analysis. This comes as about half (47%) of professionals in the country are considering looking for a new job. Limited career progression opportunities and uncompetitive pay are cited as the top reasons for seeking work elsewhere, the report finds.  

Due to strong job security, generous benefits, and positive company culture, most workers in New Zealand are happy in their current role, with staffing seeing an increase in overall morale, productivity, and satisfaction in the past 12 months. This is most pronounced among Gen Z employees, who have seen the biggest increase in morale, productivity, and satisfaction in their role. Employees 59 and older have experienced the least in these areas.  

While salaries have stabilised in recent years, there are still increases available for candidates in high-demand fields, resulting in employers having to think strategically about retention. While 70% of employers say their staff has received salary increases, one-quarter (24%) say they have made no changes to their salaries. Instead, employers are increasingly providing bonuses to support and appreciate their staff, with 18% providing one-off bonuses and 25% providing annual bonuses to everyone.  

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