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Brits Prefer Hybrid Work

A new study from Currys finds that a mix of office and remote work is preferred by 38% of desk workers in the U.K.

By Maggie Mancini

A new study from computing accessories and tech retailer Currys asked 1,000 U.K. desk workers to share their preferences for working conditions. When it comes to location, it seems the best of both worlds is the favourite. Approximately 38% of employees say they prefer a hybrid working arrangement that splits time between in-office and remote working. 

Fully remote was the next most popular choice, with more than a quarter opting for this type of working situation, while solely office-based was third with one-fifth of employees selecting it. Working while travelling was the least popular option, with only 6% choosing this as their ideal working scenario.  

The survey also reveals that 36% of respondents feel more productive working from home than in the office, though 63% believe there is more pressure to prove you are working more when working from home, likely due to the negative perceptions of remote work. However, data shows that this perceived pressure may not be a myth, as 18% of respondents admit they believe remote workers are lazy.  

The study also finds that more than half (58%) of desk workers—a mix of remote, hybrid, and on-site workers do not feel productive in their current workspace. The top reason for this is too many distractions, with 27% of employees claiming this is driving their lack of productivity. Other reasons include talkative colleagues (23%), internet issues (22%), mobile phones (21%), too many emails (20%), too many meetings (19%), and social media (19%).  

However, 72% of respondents also say their work set-up does not meet display screen equipment health and safety standards, putting them at physical risk. This could also be contributing to their lack of productivity.  

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