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India Outpaces APAC Nations in Work Flexibility

Research from ADP finds that nearly three-quarters of Indian workers say they feel empowered to take advantage of remote work options.

By Maggie Mancini

Many workplaces in India have embraced hybrid working models, with most workers (84%) saying they have some or complete flexibility when it comes to work location. Further, 44% of Indian workers say they are reaping the benefits of the flexible workspace, toggling between their homes and workplaces, according to research from ADP 

These numbers indicate that India is outpacing other APAC countries in accessing flexible work compared to 16% in China, 20% in Australia, and 24% in Singapore. Three-quarters (74%) of Indian workers say they feel empowered to take advantage of flexible working options, with over one-third (35%) of respondents sharing that they can work remotely from any global location.  

The survey finds that 56% of workers are satisfied with their job security, 55% of them are pleased with their job title, and 55% are happy with their training and development. Still, there is some dissatisfaction when it comes to salary (51%); career progression (51%); and flexibility of working hours (48%).  

When it comes to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, nearly two-thirds (63%) of Indian employees acknowledge their organisations’ efforts in bridging the gender pay gap, and 59% have witnessed strides in fostering diversity and inclusion.  

Training and development are essential tools for DEI initiatives, with 25% of Indian employees participating in staff training aimed at promoting DEI initiatives. Just 6% of Indian employees state that their company has no active DEI initiatives – lower than the APAC average of 9%.  

Three in four workers (76%) claim their work suffers because of stress, which is the highest in APAC. Nearly half (49%) admit their work performance suffers due to mental health issues. Employers are responding with 71% of workers noting their managers are willing to provide support in times of mental distress.  

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