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A Hybrid Approach to Relocation

Blending technology and access to experts provides the ideal transferee experience.

with Anthony Horton, CEO of CRI

Relocation remains an important part of the talent ecosystem, allowing top performers to grow skills while providing organizations the opportunity to seamlessly fill important roles. But as workforce preferences have evolved, driven by demographic and technological advances, expectations of transferees have changed as well. Here, Anthony Horton, CEO of Corporate Relocation International (CRI) details how organizations can experience the best of both worlds through a hybrid approach that blends technology with a human touch.

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Boost Employee Performance Virtually

Recognition is a key component of a remote talent management strategy.

With Theresa Harkins-Schulz, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Inspirus

The switch to a remote working environment has introduced many new challenges for HR leaders. Maintaining a connected culture and managing employee performance are among the most critical to business success—and with the help of an effective recognition strategy, organizations can tackle both head-on. In this Q&A, Theresa Harkins-Schulz, senior vice president of customer experience at Inspirus, shares how recognition can motivate employees while reinforcing goals and shaping positive behaviors across the workforce.

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Data and Diversity

Analyzing talent acquisition data can build visibility and accountability into D&I initiatives.

With Paul Harty, Chief Solutions Officer, Sevenstep

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries struggle to maintain a diverse and inclusive workplace—but talent acquisition data can help them drive a more strategic approach. From identifying moments of bias to making a case for needed technologies, hiring data can give HR leaders the insights needed to overcome the obstacles that hold them back from true diversity. Here, Paul Harty, chief solutions officer at Sevenstep, shares some best practices for HR leaders looking to enhance their D&I approach with data.

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The Power of Possibility

COVID-19 has forced organizations to adapt to a new normal in record time, unlocking even greater potential.

With Tina Tromiczak, Senior Vice President of National Account Services for RPO, ADP

2020 has introduced many new obstacles for business leaders. From transitioning to a remote workforce seemingly overnight to adopting technologies that enable hiring in the new virtual reality, HR leaders have had to transform their businesses in record time. But while the path was fraught with challenges, companies have emerged stronger, more agile, and more resilient than ever. In this Q&A, Tina Tromiczak, senior vice president of national account services for RPO at ADP, shares how recent events have opened the door to even greater potential.

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Developing a Diverse Leadership Pipeline

With Diana Faison, Managing Director, Leadership Acceleration, BPI group

Research shows that diverse and inclusive cultures are more successful than others. Bringing varied backgrounds and viewpoints to the table results in better decision-making and higher business impact. Yet organizations continue to struggle to create more diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures–and it starts with the leadership pipeline. Here Diana Faison, Managing Director, Leadership Acceleration, BPI group, shares some best practices for investing in diverse leaders and creating a plan for a more diverse pipeline.

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2020 Top Concerns of CHROs Annual Report

To say that 2020 has been a tumultuous year is an understatement – and few have navigated more challenges in the corporate world than the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). Their day-to-day concerns have expanded past skills gaps and new workforce needs, and now tackle lasting effects from events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide Black Lives Matter protests.

To truly understand their headspace, HRO Today is launching its new annual Top Concerns of CHROs Report, examining valuable CHRO insights and long-term workforce planning goals. While there are other studies that examine the perceptions of CEOs, none effectively capture the CHRO outlook – until now.

In this report, you’ll learn:

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Flash Report: Employer Brand Conversation Shifts from Acquisition to Retention and Rebuilding

Following changes and uncertainty in recent months, HR leaders are shifting their employer brand conversations from talent acquisition to employee retention. Now, retention and candidate experience are more important than ever, and are playing big roles in how employees and candidates alike are viewing their future with your company as we emerge from the height of the global pandemic.

Discover how to steer your own organization in the right direction by examining employer brand practices, the practices of candidates experience measurement, and the impact of COVID-19 on employer branding in this new report.

By downloading this report, you’ll find:

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Worker Confidence Index: Third Quarter 2020

The state of the economy, a big focus of the presidential election, remains a major concern for citizens across the United States as we continue to grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only has our weakened economy affected unemployment rates in recent months, it’s also shaken worker confidence as stability remains up in the air. Both factors remained evident in Q3 research findings.

How do those identifying as Democrat, Republican, or Independent view their own job security and opportunity for advancement?

These analyses and more are addressed in the Worker Confidence Index Report for Third Quarter 2020.

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Global Labor Market Report – Q2 2020

The second quarter of 2020 saw business sharply decline amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with global employment numbers also hitting their lowest levels since the financial crisis of 2008.

Interestingly, as HRO Today‘s latest research findings illustrate, each region of the globe fared differently in response to the virus – and it is reflected in their employment rates.

So, how did your region’s employment numbers fare during the second quarter, and how will it effect the remainder of the year? Download the Global Labor Market Report for Q2 2020 below to find out this and more.

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Benefits Strategies that Don’t Just Survive but Thrive in Evolving Conditions

By Mike Glantz, Executive Vice President at bswift

The employee experience is being permanently reshaped by the pandemic. Employee benefits and enrollment engagement was already a challenge prior to the pandemic, with Aflac reporting that 93 percent of employees just enroll in the same benefits each year and more than half spend less than 30 minutes researching their options. Now, with limitations like remote work and shifting priorities, this challenge will likely become more confounding. With open enrollment approaching, you want to ensure your benefits strategy will stand the test of time. By making thoughtful adjustments and partnering with trusted vendors, you can ensure your strategy will not only thrive in the current environment, but also be flexible enough to adapt to evolving conditions in the future.

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