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HR’S 2022 Response Defines Employer Branding

Recruitment teams in APAC continue to face the same challenges they have for nearly two years. Accelerated by COVID-19 and the movement for racial justice, workplace changes that were expected to take years happened in months.

Today, virtually recruiting remote workers is the new norm for many and internal mobility and upskilling programs are being built out, often for the first time. In many industries, recruiting came to a standstill as organisations scaled back hiring in early response to the pandemic, only to face unprecedented demand when companies began to restaff in anticipation of the pandemic subsiding. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are being treated with greater urgency and accountability in many industries, with the APAC region facing unique challenges.

But how have all these changes impacted the candidate experience? How will organisations refocus their employer brands to reflect new priorities?

HRO Today‘s Research Flash Report, sponsored by PeopleScout, explores those questions and discusses the implications of the findings.

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