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Operating On All Cylinders – Ways Organisations Can Combat Under-Performance Due To Presenteeism

Ways organisations can combat under-performance due to presenteeism

By Dr. David Batman

In any business, the biggest single cost is likely to be its workforce, representing nearly 70 per cent of operating expenses on average, finds a SHRM study. So it’s no surprise that organisations are always exploring new ways to improve employee performance and productivity in order to maximise the value of their investment in people.

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Thinking Ahead Of The Tech Curve: Holistic Strategy Thinking On Total Talent Management

Thinking Ahead of the Tech Curve

By Bill Hatton

Market watchers expect non-employee talent to comprise about 50 per cent of the workforce in upcoming years, and that’s one reason 95 per cent of organisations currently see contingent labor as crucial to executing their business strategy. Those statistics come from supply-management research firm Ardent Partners.

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Global Payroll Management: Three Things To Consider

By Jayson Saba

A former boss used to say “Let’s worry about two things first: pay our people, and keep the company out of the papers. Then we can do all the fun stuff.” Obviously, she was talking about accurate pay and compliance.

One of the most important aspects of human capital management is handling payroll processing. It’s the lifeblood of every successful organisation. Payroll is challenging enough when we have to worry about a couple of legal entities in two or three states, each with their own tax rules and regulations. However, these challenges start to grow exponentially when companies grow in scale and begin administering payroll on a global scale. The problem is largely one of compliance. Every country has its own economic conditions, currencies, and laws about how employees can be compensated. Companies must manage their payroll in a way that not only keeps employees compensated and engaged with their jobs, but also measures up to various national and international challenges of payroll processing.

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Device Advice: Hiring And Assessing In A Mobile World

By Michael Switow

“Find your dream job anytime, anywhere,” promises a promotion for JobStreet.com’s mobile app. The southeast Asian online employment marketplace, which started in Malaysia, listed in Australia, and is now in five countries, encourages young workers to “be ready for new opportunities” and tells them they will “easily find the right job” in a prominent ad campaign that can be seen throughout Singapore’s subway system. Posters of young female professionals on their phones and tablets encourage users to update their resumes ‘on the go’ and promise job notices viewable ‘on all mobile devices.’

It makes sense that JobStreet.com is tailoring its products to mobile users. Asia has some of the highest mobile and smartphone penetration rates in the world, and about 60 per cent of candidates using the JobStreet.com platform access it with a mobile device.

“We saw the need to create a mobile app, because our recruitment landscape has been evolving at a rapid pace,” says Chook Yuh Yng, JobStreet.com’s Singapore and Malaysia country manager. “Mobile technology is changing and dominating the world we live in. Whenever employers process their applications or invite them for interviews, the app will notify candidates, so they will know the progress and [will] be able to respond to interview requests faster.”

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HRO Today Forum APAC Preview: HRO Today Forum APAC Set for Singapore

The Talent Cloud: The Convergence of HR and Technology
By the Editors

The stage is set for the HRO Today Forum APAC – an annual highlight for HR leaders and professionals in the Asia Pacific region. This year’s forum, which follows the theme “the Talent Cloud: the Convergence of HR and Technology,” will take place 15 and 16 June in Singapore.

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HRO STA Update: Thought Leadership and Unlocking Your Potential to Become Better

HRO Today Zachary Misko

Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas, turn ideas into reality, and know and demonstrate how to replicate their success. We certainly have a great group of thought leaders and innovators involved in our association, as demonstrated by the outstanding group of thought leaders, industry experts, and best-selling authors who speak at our Thought Leadership Councils (TLCs), as well as the people who attend them.

The HRO Today Services and Technology Association provides members with the opportunity to connect with other professionals, share best practices and content on our website, discuss and set industry standards within the HR and outsourcing industry, and to learn. Learning through our TLCs continues to be a member favourite and attract a large audience via the live webcasts and our on-demand TLC library. The TLC functional categories are designed as a member benefit for networking, engagement, and to strengthen the relevance to HRO Today magazine, our events, and HR(O) in general.

The following monthly TLCs support this effort and are held the second week of each month:

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