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Zenaviv Creates More than 5,000 Pieces of Neurodivergent Art for Businesses

Social enterprise helps organizations further diversity and inclusion, empowering autistic and other neurodivergent artists to express untapped creativity.

Ashburn, VA – April 25, 2023 – Zenaviv, a social enterprise that helps diversity and workplace leaders accelerate a culture of inclusion through art, today announced that its unique and talented artists have created more than 5,000 pieces of art from neurodivergent artists that are available for display by businesses across the United States. Working with artists on the autism spectrum and with other neurodivergent conditions, Zenaviv is helping improve artists’ lives with opportunities, recognition and income, while helping organizations across the country further their diversity and inclusion goals.

“People on the autism spectrum are frequently viewed in terms of their limitations, not their strengths,” said Harish Bikmal, founder and CEO, Zenaviv. “The artists we work with have incredible talent and a hunger for expression that is just waiting to be tapped. The more than 5,000 pieces of art they have created to date will help companies further the acceptance and inclusion of neurodivergent people both within and outside of their organizational walls. This is just the beginning of our journey, and we envision growing that number exponentially as we continue to enable the hidden potential of these incredible artists.”

Organizations across the nation are striving to create inclusive cultures that value diverse perspectives, foster collaboration and encourage innovative ideas. Many business and HR leaders face challenges in building these inclusive cultures that include both the conscious and unconscious biases and beliefs of employees toward people with neurodivergent conditions. In fact, only 12% of people on the autism spectrum disclose their condition voluntarily due to fear of either intentional or unintentional discrimination.

Zenaviv’s neurodivergent art platform gives companies a simple and natural way to “walk the talk” on building an inclusive culture while furthering their socially conscious goals and boosting employee and customer trust. Operating on a subscription model, Zenaviv provides companies with a rotating selection of neurodivergent art pieces from its talented and highly skilled roster of artists, which companies can display on lobby walls, in hallways and throughout offices. The art becomes a way to engage employees and begin conversations about inclusion while helping create a safer environment for employees with “invisible” disabilities to feel represented and be able to self-identify their condition.

“Zenaviv sent talented artists to Fannie Mae to create delightful murals that have brightened our space, warmed our hearts and proved to be a catalyst for many discussions about inclusion,” said Nancy Jardini, SVP, chief compliance & ethics officer, Fannie Mae. “More than words can ever do, the murals show what can happen when we empower and embrace each individual on their terms, encourage creativity and see the world through their eyes. These murals are not only beautiful but also a powerful, concrete reminder of why our commitment to diversity and inclusion is so important.”

To learn more about ways to subscribe to Zenaviv’s neurodivergent art platform and help empower neurodivergent artists, visit

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