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The Cutting-edge AI Assistant Transforming Workplace Mental Health

Created by Plumm, EMMA is guided by internationally recognised ethical standards for psychological practice and complies with international data protection and privacy laws

LONDON, 19 June 2023: Plumm, a leading provider of scalable mental health solutions for businesses and their employees, today announces the launch of EMMA, an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant for mental health and personal growth support.

Harnessing the power of Azure Cognitive Services and generative AI, combined with Plumm’s own advanced sentiment analysis, EMMA provides immediate always-on support, encouragement, and guidance for a range of mental health concerns and personal development goals, through text-based conversations.

EMMA is one of the world’s first AI mental health assistants that goes beyond a set of pre-programmed responses, as seen in traditional chatbots, and instead facilitates a dialogue where users can engage in a more natural, empathetic conversation style.

Through EMMA, individuals may discuss and seek 24/7 support on topics ranging from stress and anxiety to relationship and work-related problems. EMMA also provides support for personal growth and development, helping teams and businesses thrive.

EMMA uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and coaching methods to help users set goals, develop self-awareness, and improve their overall mental health and wellbeing. EMMA provides non-judgmental support and empathy while adhering to international legal guidelines on privacy and data protection and following internationally recognised ethical guidelines for psychological practice.

Plumm has integrated EMMA directly within Microsoft Teams and Slack, helping those in need whilst at work, a common factor in stress and anxiety. EMMA can also be accessed outside of working hours thanks to Plumm’s web and mobile apps, providing immediate, 24/7 support.

Asim Amin, Founder and CEO of Plumm, comments:

“We have always been at the leading edge of the latest technological advancements. This approach has allowed us to move fast and leverage innovations in generative AI, combined with our proprietary technology and in-house clinical expertise, enabling us to create a revolutionary new product.

“EMMA couldn’t arrive at a more critical time for mental health either. It’s well documented that access to mental health support via the NHS is under increasing pressure. EMMA will complement the important role of the therapist and relieve pressure by providing immediate mental health support, self-care resources, or connecting to a video therapist or coach when needed.

“In providing CBT and coaching support 24/7, EMMA will be of great benefit to businesses and their employees alike, with improved mental wellbeing of staff, and decreased levels of sick days and presenteeism for the employer. EMMA will ultimately help drive business growth by supporting employee personal growth.”

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