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Sobo Taps Frank Lazaro as New CMO to Drive Expansion and Innovation

Marketing veteran joins Sobo’s executive team to build strategic partnerships and engage customers for greater success.

ATLANTA, GA AND NEW YORK, NY: Sobo, a leading technology company, today announces that Frank Lazaro has joined the company as its new Chief Marketing Officer. Frank brings over 20 years of experience in marketing and branding experience, having previously held executive-level roles at a number of local and national tech and startup companies.

“As business owners, we must constantly adapt and evolve our practices to keep up with the changing landscape of our industries. With each new team member we add, each software update we implement, and each expansion plan we pursue, the complexity of running a successful business increases. It becomes clear that we cannot do it all alone. This is where fractional consulting comes in. It’s about recognizing that we need help to efficiently grow our business and reach our goals. By welcoming Frank to our organization, we are taking a significant step forward in our journey towards success. We understand the value of collaboration and expertise, and we are confident that by working together, we will overcome any obstacles and achieve even greater heights,” says Robert Burke, Founder and CEO of Sobo.

In his new role as CMO, Lazaro will be responsible for these key areas:

  • Overseeing all of Sobo’s marketing and branding initiatives
  • Conducting market research and analysis to identify new opportunities for growth and expansion
  • Establishing and managing customer feedback channels to ensure that customer needs and concerns are heard and addressed
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key industry influencers and media outlets
  • Developing and managing strategic partnerships with other companies or individuals to expand Sobo’s reach and customer base

Given Sobo’s position as a leader in the AI-assisted fractional consulting industry, Frank’s extensive experience in marketing and branding for startup tech companies will be invaluable in driving our growth and success.

“I’m thrilled to assume the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Sobo. With my extensive background in driving growth through innovation and Sobo’s cutting-edge approach to fractional consulting, I’m confident that our partnership will yield groundbreaking results,” said Frank. “As I oversee the marketing and branding initiatives, I’m eager to implement what I know to generate new customer leads and augment customer retention rates. With 20 years of experience spanning marketing, technology, and strategy, I’m looking forward to collaborating with the exceptional team at Sobo to achieve our shared objectives.”

With Lazaro’s appointment as CMO, Sobo is well-positioned to continue its mission of delivering innovative solutions to its clients. By leveraging Lazaro’s extensive experience in marketing and branding for startup tech companies, Sobo is poised to further enhance its reputation as a leader in the industry. Sobo’s on-demand platform is making businesses better and stronger, and with Frank Lazaro on board, the company is poised to reach even greater heights.

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