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Simpplr Launches AI-Powered Employee Listening Solution

Continuous listening and real-time insights empower business leaders to drive change that improves the employee experience and impacts the bottom line.

Redwood City, CA – April 25, 2023: Simpplr, the leading AI-powered employee experience platform, announced the launch of its new Employee Listening solution. Powered by AI, Employee Listening delivers real-time employee experience (EX) insights to help organizations create a positive company culture and improve employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Unlike traditional surveys that usually only capture point-in-time feedback, Employee Listening combines active listening through surveys, including pulse, engagement, and sentiment surveys, with AI-powered passive listening that is based on collecting millions of data points across the platform to analyze emotions, sentiment, language patterns, trends, and themes. Real-time listening goes beyond the surface and uncovers the depth of employee emotions, providing employers with a complete and unbiased picture of employee sentiment.

The insights gathered by Employee Listening are presented on easy-to-use dashboards, enabling employers to address potential issues, opportunities, and trends proactively. By leveraging these insights, employers can improve the employee experience.

“The need for continuous and effective employee listening has become essential in helping organizations navigate the changes, challenges and uncertainty that are all part of today’s business environment,” said Dhiraj Sharma, CEO of Simpplr. “Our new Employee Listening solution provides business leaders with actionable insights that enable them to make strategic and informed decisions that push the business forward and protect their number one asset – their people.”

Employee Listening equips business leaders with actionable insights that provide a continuous and comprehensive view of how to improve the employee experience including:

  • Rich engagement: Real-time insights into employee sentiment enables companies to take action to improve engagement and retention.
  • Better retention: Empower managers with real-time unbiased insights to address employee needs and foster a supportive culture
  • Address unspoken needs: Rapidly understand, adapt and respond to changing trends and attitudes before they become bigger issues
  • Identify insights quickly: Reduce the guesswork and get real-time insights that spotlight bottlenecks, challenges, and other learning opportunities.

All employee data is collected and analyzed anonymously from posted information on the Simpplr platform, including social activities and connections, comments, search inquiries, survey responses, usage, and more.

“Given how we work today with highly distributed workforces, we need different, better ways of listening and understanding employees. Employee Listening pinpoints the cause and effect and takes the guesswork out of how employees react, feel, and care about,” says Miriam Connaughton, who led Ernst & Young’s West Region People Advisory Services Technology, Media, and Telecom sector and has 25 years of HR consulting experience.

To learn more about Employee Listening, Simpplr will host a webinar with guest speaker and customer Coupa Software, Inc. Register here to join the April 26th webinar.

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