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Physically Active Employees Can Reduce Company Healthcare Costs by 35%

New study reveals significant reductions in health expenses among employees engaged in physical activity at least five times per month with Gympass.

NEW YORKJuly 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Healthcare costs are on the rise and companies are grappling with the ongoing challenge of managing these expenses. Gympass, the leading corporate wellness platform, offering the best network of gyms, studios, personal trainers, and wellness apps – all in one employee benefit, today announced a groundbreaking study that showcases the transformative power of promoting an active lifestyle among employees.

The research evaluated the difference in healthcare costs for active Gympass users compared to non-users and less active participants. The findings reveal that employees who engaged in physical activities at least five times a month resulted in a 35% decrease in company healthcare costs after a 12-month period.

“HR leaders understand that employee health and wellbeing is directly correlated to the health of the business,” said Cesar Carvalho, CEO and Co-Founder of Gympass. “Because of this, companies are moving from focusing primarily on reactive healthcare and traditional medical benefits to more holistic and preventative wellness benefits. Now, the results of this shift are clear, with Gympass research showing healthcare cost savings of more than 35% for physically active employees. It’s a win-win for employers and employees, creating a happier, healthier workforce, while also reducing expenses.”

Gympass is lowering the barrier to entry for anyone who wants to move, eat, sleep, and feel better by providing access to fitness and wellness partners in subscriptions that cost employees up to 50% less than traditional memberships. With over 60% of new subscribers not having a gym membership before subscribing, Gympass more than doubles the number of employees engaged in wellness.

Without this kind of widespread engagement, there is no way to actually drive the kind of ROI most wellness offerings promise. With Gympass, HR Leaders can improve employee wellbeing and business performance by offering a wellbeing program that employees will actually use and is proven to drive higher participation rates. They get a “plug and play” wellbeing solution that’s easy to roll out, ongoing engagement to new and existing employees that continuously supports enrollment growth, integration with the main payroll and HR systems in the market and a variety of live, digital, or on-demand wellbeing solutions to serve hybrid workforces.

Unlike the traditional solutions which drive lower engagement, such as reimbursement programs, corporate gym memberships or in-office facilities, Gympass creates a flexible environment where employees have access to a vast network of wellbeing options, partners, and activities for everyone’s unique wellbeing journey and needs.

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