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Oracle Introduces Generative AI Capabilities to Help HR Boost Productivity

New generative AI-powered capabilities in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM enhance efficiency and streamline HR processes for candidates, employees, managers, and recruiters.

AUSTIN, Texas – June 28, 2023 – Oracle announced the addition of generative AI-powered capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). Supported by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) generative AI service, the new capabilities are embedded in existing HR processes to drive faster business value, improve productivity, enhance the candidate and employee experience, and streamline HR processes.

“Generative AI is boosting productivity and unlocking a new world of skills, ideas, and creativity that can have an immediate impact in the workplace,” said Chris Leone, executive vice president, applications development, Oracle Cloud HCM. “With the ability to summarize, author, and recommend content, generative AI helps to reduce friction as employees complete important HR functions. For example, with the new embedded generative AI capabilities in Oracle Cloud HCM, our customers will be able to take advantage of large language models to drastically reduce the time required to complete tasks, improve the employee experience, enhance the accuracy of workforce insights, and ultimately increase business value.”

Built on OCI and leveraging its best-in-class AI services, the embedded generative AI capabilities within Oracle Cloud HCM are designed to provide high levels of security, performance, and business value. Built-in prompts help customers get the best results while helping reduce undesirable side effects such as factual errors and bias. With Oracle Cloud HCM, customers use their own data to refine models for their specific business needs – each customer’s dedicated generative AI models are only tuned on the customer’s own proprietary data. By giving customers control of the data used by generative AI, Oracle is helping keep sensitive and proprietary information safe.

The new generative AI capabilities in Oracle Cloud HCM bolster existing embedded AI capabilities already in use by thousands of users and will help to transform candidate, employee, manager, and HR team productivity by streamlining processes and automating content generation within a single integrated solution. Newly embedded generative AI capabilities include:

  • Assisted Authoring: Enables employees, managers, and HR leaders to quickly and easily author content and significantly improve productivity and time efficiency. Using a short prompt, such as a draft title for a job requisition or performance goal, the new generative AI capabilities can quickly generate content for users to review, revise, and approve so that they can focus on more value-added activities. Examples of assisted authoring use cases include writing job descriptions and requisitions; automated goal creation, including detailed descriptions and measures for success; and the generation of HR Helpdesk knowledgebase articles to help employees efficiently complete HR tasks.
  • Suggestions: Guide users to achieve better and faster results based on natural language processing and best practices. The new generative AI-powered suggestions in Oracle Cloud HCM not only improve user success but help individuals complete tasks with greater speed and accuracy. Examples of suggestion use cases include automated recommendations for survey questions based on the type of survey being designed or development tips for managers to provide to their employees. In addition, the suggested content, trained from Large Language Models (LLMs) under the customer’s control, will reflect the language style and cultural DNA of the organization itself.
  • Summarization: Helps increase efficiency by surfacing key insights from one or more data sources. The new generative AI capabilities can summarize the key elements of content for simple and impactful consumption. An example includes providing a summary of the employee’s performance for submission in the employee’s regular review cycle based on feedback gathered across the year from the employee, peers, or managers, and goal progress and achievements.

“We have already identified more than 100 high-value-added scenarios for generative AI in HR. But we’re only just getting started! With the help of customers, who drive approximately 80 percent of updates to our products, we are continually embedding new use cases that enable organizations to embrace continuous innovation and perpetually improve HR processes and productivity,” added Leone.

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