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North Highland Research Identifies Future of Work Strategy Investments Required to Navigate Talent Market Challenges

Firm-commissioned research in February 2023 revealed that data-driven actions are needed to combat talent constraints and skills gaps.

ATLANTA, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Navigating economic instability requires businesses to adapt and address workforce challenges with new future-of-work strategies that incorporate adaptive workforce solutions, found a new study from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by North Highland, the leading change and transformation consultancy.

To identify the trends, priorities and sticking points shaping the future of work, North Highland commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey 687 leaders responsible for future-of-work strategy and partner selection across 12 industries in the U.S. and the UK.

The results, now detailed in the study, “Thriving In The Future Of Work Demands Transformational Intelligence,” points to opportunities for internal coordination, test-and-learn practices and integrated partners that help businesses install a data-driven, evidence-based foundation to ensure their ability to approach the future of work with confidence.

According to the research:

  • In the past 12 months, 40%of HR respondents reported difficulty finding the right talent, and 59% engaged a transformation partner to help them navigate the uncertainties of the talent market.
  • As organizations look to respond to the changing talent market, leaders are developing their future-of-work strategies. 51%of respondents say their firm’s strategy looks ahead five years or more.
  • Lack of internal buy-in and corporate culture creates resistance to change, with 35%of respondents saying their corporate culture does not support or enable change, and 52% believing resistance to change at all levels of the organization impedes their ability to transform.

“In today’s uncertain times, we know that being Made for Change is critical to ensure the future health of any organization,” said Alex Bombeck, CEO of North Highland. “So, it’s no surprise that the Forrester Consulting research found that businesses with transformation partners, like North Highland, to help design and execute future-of-work strategies are more successful with transformation – especially when using data to inform and develop these strategies.”

To learn more about the trends shaping the future of work across 12 different industries, download the full study here.

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