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New Survey Reveals: Open Enrollment Communication Doesn’t Cut it for Employees

Employees want to know what their benefits are throughout the year.

ADA, Okla. (April 27, 2023) – Today’s employees want more control over their benefits packages, with ongoing communication and education to make informed decisions that cater to their unique needs and those of their families. Unfortunately, a recent report found that employees spend only 18 minutes enrolling in their benefits, risking missed opportunities for valuable benefits that improve their overall well-being. Comprehensive benefits education is crucial for financial, physical, and emotional health.

New data from LegalShield shows that 81% of employees would welcome ongoing communication about their benefits throughout the year, with 47% feeling unprepared to make informed decision about enrollment choices during Open Enrollment. The survey also revealed that non-traditional voluntary benefits, like legal and identity theft protection, are in demand. Of the respondents, 42% had legal matters in 2022, with 68% interested in enrolling in a legal benefit plan. Furthermore, 60% of employees had been subjected to identity theft attempts, with 51% interested in identity theft protection benefits. Employers who listen to their employees’ needs and provide ongoing communication and education about benefits can empower them to make informed decisions, while non-traditional voluntary benefits can attract and retain top talent.

“The norm in today’s world is to be constantly connected and have access to information. Employers must communicate employee benefits in a relevant and timely manner to keep their workforce informed and help them make decisions that align with their needs,” said Emily B. Rose, LegalShield’s SVP of Broker & Partnership Sales. “Regular benefit communication ensures employees are aware of their options.”

Download the LegalShield Benefit Enrollment Experience Survey for more insights and findings. The survey was conducted on January 20, 2023, and surveyed 858 full-time employees enrolled in benefits through their employer. The sample was balanced by age and other demographic variables, according to the U.S. Census.

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