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New Study: AI Chatbot Can Interpret Personality Traits for the Workplace

SARATOGA, CA – (January 24, 2023) – Today, Juji, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that enables auto-generation and operation of cognitive AI chatbots, announced the findings of a study, “How Well Can an AI Chatbot Infer Personality? Examining Psychometric Properties of Machine-inferred Personality Scores.” The study examined the quality of AI-inferred personality scores. Instead of asking participants to take a traditional personality test, in this study, an AI chatbot built on the Juji platform engaged with 1,440 people in a one-on-one, two-way conversation and then derived each person’s personality scores from the conversation in real time.

The study presents the most comprehensive validation of AI-inferred personality scores to date.

“The study did an excellent job examining the psychometric properties of the AI-inferred personality scores—very comprehensive in scope,” commented Professor Lillian Eby, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Applied Psychology where the study has been accepted to appear.

“I was initially skeptical about AI-inferred personality traits and their effectiveness. Now I’m excited about the findings and the process of how AI works,” said Dr. Jinyan Fan, the lead researcher and a professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Auburn University, specializing in talent selection and retention. “The use of no-code AI chatbots to derive personality from conversations presents a new, effective, and more natural and empathetic form of psychometric assessment. It can help scale out human-driven interviews and personality insights discovery.”

This study showcases the practical value of AI-inferred personality for a wide range of applications, such as assessing student-program fit and individualizing student retention in education, workplace talent management, and aiding patient-caregiver matching.

“We are thrilled to enable such an important study, which has far-reaching implications for the entire field of computational psychology as it sets the gold standard on how to validate AI-inferred personality scores,” said Juji CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Michelle Zhou. “Coupling AI-inferred personality with generative AI like ChatGPT unlocks the holy grail of human-computer interaction—AI beings can now deeply read and engage with each user at scale.”

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