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Magnit Announces Integration with ServiceNow to Deliver a Unified Contingent Worker Experience

New offering integrates Magnit’s contingent workforce management platform into ServiceNow’s ecosystem to streamline and optimize worker experiences and onboarding for joint customers.

BURLINGAME, CA — Mar. 21, 2023 — Magnit, an Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) Platform provider, today announced the completion of a joint development effort to integrate with ServiceNow. The “HR Service Delivery Integration with Magnit” solution combines ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery and Enterprise Onboarding capabilities with Magnit’s best-in-class contingent workforce management capabilities and vendor management system (VMS), offering a comprehensive view of workforces in a single solution. The integration will simplify and enhance contingent worker experiences, including onboarding, for joint customers.

“With contingent employees making up approximately 50% of the current workforce, employers can’t afford to cut these workers out of their enterprise systems and processes,” said Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of Magnit. “Integrating Magnit into the ServiceNow ecosystem will ensure managers can provide the same experience for full-time and contingent talent and view their workforce data holistically, enabling more informed workforce strategy decisions.”

The integration offers joint customers direct access to cross-platform functions and data, allowing them to search for, view, and complete onboarding tasks for their contingent workers within the ServiceNow platform.

This integration complements ServiceNow’s existing offerings by syncing contingent worker data and extended workforce details directly from the Magnit Platform in near real time, helping ensure managers always have a clear and comprehensive view of labor. With this solution, updating or creating worker profiles in Magnit will activate those workers’ onboarding tasks within ServiceNow and return the onboarding activities from ServiceNow back into Magnit’s VMS.

“The shift toward more flexible workforces — and the growth of the contingent workforce — has created a new era of work for managers and employees alike,” said Gretchen Alarcon, senior vice president and general manager of Employee Workflow Products at ServiceNow. “Integrating Magnit into the Now Platform will give businesses the technology they need to manage on- and offboarding securely, effectively, and efficiently across siloed systems. The Now Platform is the end-to-end platform for digital transformation, and this integration will optimize Magnit’s contingent workforce management processes, improving operational efficiency and maximizing ROI.”


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