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Infor Launches Talent Empowerment Solution

Infor to Help Leading Organizations Retain their People with Internal Mobility Platform

NEW YORK – April 10, 2023 – Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced its new Talent Empowerment solution, the company’s vision for helping organizations personalize career mobility at work.  The number one reason most employees leave organizations is lack of visibility to growth and development opportunities.  With several years of elevated attrition rates, employee retention has become a critical focus as industries like healthcare struggle to deal with staff shortages.  Traditional, siloed systems frequently prevent employers from knowing the talent they currently possess, while their employees lack visibility to future career growth.  Talent Empowerment enables a new employee experience within the Infor HR Talent offering that will improve employee retention and engagement by creating personalized career paths for each individual in the organization.

Infor HR solutions move beyond inflexible packaged software by leveraging new technologies, such as AI, cloud computing and big data, to deliver fully connected, user-focused solutions that provide capabilities which are inherently collaborative and intuitive. Utilizing this new application, organizations can support every stage of the career journey from early talent to tenured employees keen for a new challenge.  With Infor’s new Talent Empowerment platform, organizations will be able to find hidden talent, match people to work they love, simplify onboarding and cross-boarding, seamlessly connect to learning and development plans and identify future leaders.  Most importantly, every step is personalized based on Infor’s behavioral assessment Talent Science, enabling organizations to go beyond conventional career journeys to ensure each individual has a career plan as unique as they are.

“Employee retention is top of mind for every CHRO right now as employees often struggle to see their future within their organization. They frequently lament the fact that external sources such as job websites and outside recruiters make it easier to find opportunities than in their own organization,” said Marcus Mossberger, Senior Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor. “Infor is changing that. With Talent Empowerment, organizations can better leverage current talent and reduce costly turnover by ensuring individuals have access to growth and development opportunities that they crave.”


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