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Generative AI Will Power a New HR Talent Intelligence Paradigm, The Josh Bersin Company Predicts

New research shows how AI architectures will fundamentally change HR technology, and points out the three “models” of Generative AI in the marketplace.

OAKLAND, Calif.—The Josh Bersin Company, the world’s most trusted global human capital advisory firm, has announced new research findings highlighting the huge potential of ChatGPT-style “Generative AI” to help companies sharpen their hiring and development practices—but only if organizations dispel their fear of the technology.

The Josh Bersin Company interviewed senior AI-aware execs, engineers, and product leaders, about Generative AI’s potential to create powerful new insights for HR leaders and Learning and Development teams. The advisory firm, which also spoke with a cross-section of top global HR leaders at its recent Irresistible 2023 conference, discovered clear gaps in confidence and understanding linked to AI technology and its potential to deliver novel HR and talent management insights.

The research found that while many HR leaders and their company’s technology teams appreciate AI’s scope to uncover new talent management opportunities by spotting patterns across different data sources, many admitted to a limited understanding of the technology.

Additionally, the research also defines three categories of AI solutions: Emerging (AI added on), First Generation (where the AI is built in), and Second Generation (where the solution is built on AI). The HR leaders also expressed a sense of apprehension about AI’s role and are unsure how to effectively harness AI’s potential for HR and talent-related use cases.

The study highlights AI’s considerable scope in unlocking talent intelligence, which has become a growing necessity as businesses globally look for new toolsets to help them find, attract, develop, and retain the talent they’ll require in the future.

The findings are unpacked and core questions are addressed in a new white paper from The Josh Bersin Company, Understanding AI in HR–A Deep Dive—a detailed guide to evaluating AI for HR use cases

is to make the technology more accessible and comfortable for HR strategists–particularly those looking to build a more systemic and sustainable approach to finding, attracting, and honing the skill sets critical to an organization’s success over the long term.

Its groundbreaking insights, distilled into a guide to evaluating HR-oriented AI technologies, provide an up-to-the-minute educational report for those pushing the boundaries in HR and talent development.

Commenting on the findings, Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, says:

“The aim of this new research is to understand exactly what’s preventing HR from fully exploiting artificial intelligence in core business strategies, like understanding where the new, untapped opportunities are to think and act differently in recruitment and talent management. What emerged from both this study and from conversations at our recent Irresistible event is that there’s a hesitation attached to the lack of clarity around AI’s scope to transform HR.

“Our aim is to help overcome that sense of intimidation. Specifically, we’ve translated AI barriers into a relatable problem and reminded the CHRO that this is not the first time that HR departments have had to adapt and evolve their technology architecture or their data and how they harness it.

“Rather than try to preach the basics of AI engineering, we want to help HR leaders become more comfortable with the technology and what it can do. We show that could be in better targeting and reducing the time to hire, or in identifying less obvious talent pipelines, among many, many use cases.

“Using Generative AI to understand the subtler but more transformative learnings from recruitment and talent data is also just the first step in an exciting ongoing tech and data-based HR AI journey.

“Ultimately, we are clarifying AI’s role in the future of HR so that employers can proactively convert its potential.”

The Josh Bersin Company previewed its own AI solution, The HR Copilot, at its June Irresistible 2023 event. The Josh Bersin Company HR Copilot provides an intelligent means of interrogating the rich and diverse HR knowledge base and labor market insights amassed by the research and advisory firm over the last 25 years—signposting just some of the many use cases HR in AI is beginning to reveal.

To download a copy of the educational white paper Understanding AI in HR–A Deep Dive visit here.

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