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General Assembly Revamps Software Engineering Course to Provide Employers With More Job-Ready Tech Talent

The enhanced course delivery will continue to provide positive outcomes for learners and corporate partners looking for the next generation of engineers

NEW YORKApril 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — General Assembly (GA) today announced course delivery updates to its successful Software Engineering Immersive bootcamp course, which will provide a more flexible, accessible and tailored course experience to learners. The updates are led by on-demand video playback features as well as expanded access to live instructors to ensure learner retention.

The new delivery method provides employers with more modularized content for upskilling or retraining their engineering professionals. The enhanced learning experience creates multiple job-specific pathways, mentoring services tailored to each individual’s needs, and more accurately reflects real world tasks and activities within specific industries. The revamped course also provides more opportunities for employers to access crucial tech talent, reskill within their own ranks and meet their company’s specific talent needs.

“Constant review and modernization of our courses is essential to making sure our students are at the edge of their fields and our employer partners are hiring for the most recent skills,” said Roger Lee, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at General Assembly. “The new delivery methods and internal system upgrades will also allow us to better integrate the course into existing IT platforms used by today’s leading technology companies.”

A key update to the Software Engineering Immersive course delivery method includes a library of video lesson recordings of the course curriculum that can be played back in real-time by learners and provides for more tailored instructor support services when needed. Course personalization – combined with live and video recorded instruction – empowers students to move through the course and content at their own pace within daily sessions, leading to more meaningful student outcomes. Moreover, the course curriculum itself will incorporate additional interactive and workplace-based problems that more closely reflect the experiences faced by today’s software engineers and aim to improve overall job readiness of course graduates.

“With a focus on persistence and completion, the updated program experience is designed to be flexible and meet students where they are, which is yielding higher student satisfaction ratings,” said Danielle Chircop, Chief Product Officer at General Assembly.

For employers, the bootcamp course will provide access to an external pool of job-ready junior tech talent who enrolled in the program, the ability to reskill professionals within their ranks and the flexibility and personalization to use course modules to upskill their existing tech employees. Since launching the course in 2011, GA has delivered it to several global corporate clients – including Interapt, Humana and Adobe. Also, the world’s top tech companies hire GA graduates more than any other U.S.-based bootcamp course.

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