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Chargebacks911 Appoints Bill Oglesby as VP of Partnerships

TAMPA, Fla. – June 22, 2023: Chargebacks911 and Fi911, the global leader in chargeback management technology, officially announced the appointment of Bill Oglesby as their new Vice President of Partnerships. In his new role, Oglesby will be responsible for expanding Chargebacks911’s network of strategic partners, fostering relationships with leading industry players, and spearheading collaborative initiatives to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of chargeback fraud and payment disputes.

Oglesby joins Chargebacks911 with a proven track record of building and managing partner teams, and having held senior leadership positions in the payments industry throughout his career. According to executive leadership at Chargebacks911, Oglesby’s extensive knowledge of partnership development and collaboration will be instrumental in furthering the company’s mission to provide cutting-edge solutions to mitigate chargeback fraud and protect businesses against lost revenue.

Prior to joining Chargebacks911, Oglesby served as the Vice President of Channel and Partnerships at NeuroID, as well as Vice President of Partner Success for Midigator. In the latter role, Oglesby successfully cultivated a network of global partners and led an indirect distribution team, whose efforts ultimately resulted in a major acquisition.

With more than a decade of experience, Oglesby possesses a deep understanding of the challenges faced by eCommerce businesses when dealing with chargebacks, and will look to leverage his expertise to strengthen Chargebacks911’s position as a trusted partner for merchants seeking comprehensive chargeback management solutions.

“I’m very excited to be joining the industry-leading brand and team at Chargebacks911, particularly at a time when market dynamics are driving merchants and banks to strategically and proactively position their businesses to support managing growth trends within transaction disputes,” said Oglesby. “I look forward to leaning in on my experience to deliver best-in-class solutions across the globe through our partner ecosystem.”

Chargebacks911 remains at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies and strategies to combat the growing threat of chargeback fraud. With the addition of Oglesby to their leadership team, the company is poised to strengthen its position as a global leader in chargeback mitigation and risk management solutions.

“We are delighted to welcome Bill to the Chargebacks911 team as our Vice President of Partnerships,” said Monica Eaton, Founder of Chargebacks911. “His extensive experience and remarkable track record in cultivating strategic alliances will undoubtedly drive our partnerships to new heights and deliver unparalleled value to our clients. We look forward to the innovative ideas and initiatives he will bring to the table.”

The company was founded by Eaton when her previous eCommerce business started receiving high levels of chargebacks, which led her to create a proprietary solution that gained in popularity with other businesses. Today, Chargebacks911 serves more than 2.5 million merchants and over 50 financial institution customers, including some of the biggest brands in the industry and has protected over 10 billion transactions, preventing more than $186 million being lost to first-party misuse.

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