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Abbott Laboratories Ranked No.1 for Employment Branding in WilsonHCG Report

Abbott Laboratories takes the No.1 spot, followed by Intel in second place and Cisco and P&G tied for third.

-Tampa, Fla, — Global talent leader WilsonHCG has published its annual Fortune 100 Employment Branding Report.

In its ninth year of publication, the award-winning report evaluates and ranks the employment brands of the Fortune 100 through the eyes of job seekers. The No.1 spot went to Abbott Laboratories, followed by Intel in second and Cisco and P&G tied for third.

The report shows some companies have strong employment branding strategies in place, but others have room for improvement. The average score was just 64 points out of 100, suggesting it may not be a top priority for some Fortune 100 companies.

“Over the last three years, we’ve witnessed dramatic changes in the talent market. Many companies have evolved their employee value proposition (EVP) and employment branding to align with the new employee and candidate expectations,” said John Wilson, CEO at WilsonHCG. “These companies have a competitive edge in this ever-changing job market.”

WilsonHCG’s team of experts analyzed the employment brands of the Fortune 100 and examined the recruitment strategies they implemented, their job advertisements, the quality of their career pages, the opinions of their employees and potential employees, any awards they’ve won and their dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Key insights:

  • The research revealed nearly four in 10 of the Fortune 100 are not taking advantage of talent communities to source potential employees, even though there are widespread skills shortages.
  • 75% of the Fortune 100 didn’t have a chatbot on their career pages to interact with job seekers
  • TikTok was rarely used for career promotion with just 3% using the social media platform to promote open roles

To access WilsonHCG’s 2023 Fortune 100 Employment Branding Report, click here.

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