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A Hiring Automation Platform Recently Launched to Serve SMBs

TORONTOApril 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fyndo, a hiring automation platform, was launched today to help SMBs automate their hiring process, from job posting to setting up interviews. With Fyndo, the hiring team can save time and increase efficiency while only paying when they hire someone.

“Hiring teams spend the most time creating jobs, screening resumes, scheduling interviews etc., and at Fyndo, we realized that most of these tasks about be automated using the technology,” said Fyndo CPO Kaushik Vinay. Moreover, automation increases efficiency and increases the quality of hire.

Fyndo is an AI-driven recruitment platform that automates the hiring process for small to medium-hiring teams. Fyndo recruiting platform sources, screens and schedules interviews with best matching candidates with minor human intervention. This automated process fastens hiring and eliminates unintentional human bias during the screening process.

“Hiring teams spend too much time doing tasks that could be automated and improved by today’s technology. With Fyndo, recruiters can get 1 hr/day back during the recruiting process,” said Fyndo CEO Amit Chauhan.

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