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91% of TA and Staffing Leaders Plan to Augment Recruiting with AI

Glider AI Launches Full-Funnel AI Recruiting Tech to Meet the Demand.

CUPERTINO, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — Glider AI launches its closed beta, AI-Skills Based Recruiting Software, to customers already using the Skill Intelligence Platform™. With the rapid consumer adoption of generative AI, AI recruiting software has become increasingly important to HR and TA. Recent research by Glider AI supports the claim that 91% of staffing, TA, and HR leaders will use AI recruiting in 2023.

Satish Kumar, CEO of Glider AI, shares, ” Glider AI uses AI to enhance and streamline the entire recruiting process for permanent and contingent programs.” Kumar adds, “AI is a great tool to augment recruiting, but not a replacement for TA or hiring decision-making. Our AI recruiting is transparent, includes human oversight, and involves constant stress testing to ensure we address concerns about AI in recruitment.”

Glider AI offers AI functionality across the various stages of the recruiting funnel, from screening to interviewing, and brings skill intelligence to the heart of the hiring decision-making process and now enhanced by these new features:

  • AI Chatbots: Omnichannel candidate engagement that autonomously creates questions based on job requirements and candidate responses to gauge their interest and fitment in the role.
  • AI Interviews: Sophisticated AI provides contextual questions for interviewers to ask candidates, ensuring proper skill and fit evaluation. Additionally, the AI will transcribe and summarize key findings from the conversation to help fast-track recruiter evaluation of candidate responses.
  • AI Skill Assessments: AI assistance throughout the assessment process acts as a friendly guide and co-pilot for coding, improving engagement and candidate completion.
  • Advanced AI Proctoring: Glider provides the most comprehensive AI proctoring, tracking even the most sophisticated attempts of candidate fraud from deep fakes, the use of generative AI, audio and visual inconsistencies, to plagiarism.

Glider AI customers readily adopt AI Proctoring to mitigate candidate fraud and ensure candidate integrity. Despite recent headlines about AI concerns, the vast majority of Glider AI customers view AI positively. Glider AI customer Vik Karla, Co-Founder and managing director of Mindlance, shares, “We use Glider’s AI proctoring to mitigate candidate fraud and ensure candidate integrity. The ability to use AI to further support our recruiting promises positive productivity and revenue impact, from removing busy work like writing candidate summaries to Glider’s ability to automatically create candidate screening questions based on job requirements.”

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