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Survey: “Anywhere Work” Causing More Harm Than Good? Leaders Weigh In

Executives are still figuring out how to make communications stick in a remote environment—and most are finding it difficult. 

By Zee Johnson 

Simpplr’s new 2023 Employee Experience Survey revealed that executives think the “anywhere work” model has created a number of obstacles for their organizations. In fact, 79% feel that “anywhere work,” or remote work, has made communication and connection in their workforce more challenging.  

The report, which gathered responses from HR decision-makers, also found that 38% of leaders feel their communications with employees are not so effective and engaging or not effective and engaging at all. Adding to that, when it comes to having a strong workplace culture, 28% say that upholding a company’s culture in a dispersed work environment is ‘easy,’ while 34% report it to be ‘difficult’ or ‘very difficult.’ 

A key reason for this difficulty, the report found, is a lack of cohesion and clarity in workplace correspondence. With executives citing intranet (32.6%), email (27.8%), and having managers relay messages (19.3%) as their main methods of communication, they also say that making sure critical communications reach everyone is the biggest challenge they face when attempting to communicate effectively with employees. 

While many have found success in segmenting correspondence by department and are able to do it with their existing technology (40.5%), 38.8% say that it’s a challenge, 13.6% don’t do it at all, and 7% say it’s not very easy. 

Having a dispersed workforce requires strong communication in order to create the same workplace bonds and productivity as would be created in person. Carolyn Clark, VP of Employee Experience Strategy at Simpplr, says that to foster true connection, it takes more than just sending an email. Instead, humanity must be at the core of all that leaders do. “Connectedness is being on a similar frequency as your colleagues and team — it is the collective alignment to an organization’s purpose, mission, vision, values, and culture,” she says. “With employees spread across the globe or work environments, we have to find a way to create a virtual stoop. A virtual meeting place that’s as enjoyable as it is effective — a holistic employee experience platform that enables connection through community and communication.” She says that in doing this, leaders must provide a unified, personalized, and frictionless place for employees to easily access information and feel supported wherever and however they work—something that leaders are still figuring out.  

Remote and/or hybrid working is the current working model for businesses globally; and getting a handle on it is critical. 

Research has long shown that flexible working is the future. Now it is on employers to put shape to the form and embrace remote working,” Clark says. “Organizations that maintain a meaningful work culture, despite where employees are located, will do so by reimagining and strengthening connections to ensure everyone feels supported and aligned. The results will entice and retain top talent.”  

To read and download the full report, click here: Anywhere work – 2023 employee experience survey report | Simpplr 

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