2016 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Relocation

Top providers in relocation services ranked based on customer satisfaction surveys

HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen rankings are based solely on feedback from buyers of the rated services. The ratings are not based on the opinion of the HRO Today staff. We collect feedback annually through an online survey, which we distribute both directly to buyers through our own mailing lists and indirectly by sending service providers the link to send to their clients.

Once collected, response data are loaded into the HRO Today database for analysis to score each provider that has a statistically significant sample. For this survey, we required 10 responses from seven companies, and we received feedback from more than 200 verified customers.

In order to determine an overall ranking, we analyze results across three subcategories: service breadth, deal sizes, and quality. Using a predetermined algorithm that weighs questions and categories based on importance, we calculate scores in all three subcategories as well as an overall score. The rankings are based on those scores. The numbers presented in the tables represent those calculated scores. We include them to demonstrate the relative differences among the ranked service providers.

While we do not claim that our methodology is the only viable ratings program available, we do vouch for its statistical validity.

We hope this ranking provides you some insight into your next relocation process.

  1. Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide


On six continents, the mobility industry-experienced people at Graebel Relocation collaborate to deliver tailor-made, exceptional relocation experiences for clients and assignees. Comprehensive program and policy consultations, seamless transition and implementation, informative business reviews, superior technology to the ability to anticipate then rapidly adjust to unique situations are a few reasons why leading Global 100 and Fortune 500 firms are longtime clients.

Graebel Relocation is a customer-first global company. As a privately-held organization Graebel invests in its people and technology to ensure optimal performance and superior results for its customers.


• Program, policy consultation, analysis, benchmarking

• Program design, transition, implementation

• Client business reviews, supply chain performance

• Best-practice recommendations

• Mergers and acquisition planning, integration

• Lump sum program development, management

• Group move consultation, policy development, pre-move meetings, administration all services

• Global Executive Concierge™ program

• Real-time and ad hoc online reports

• Mobile application relocation-specific tools, resources

• Dedicated in-region team, communication

• Relocation policy summits, round-tables, forums, social events, workshops

• Research, market intelligence reports

• Real estate

• Pre- & Ongoing Assignment Management

• Financial management

Most important metrics:

Expert, proactive consultative service; Quality of experience for client, assignees worldwide; Best-in-class administration, selection of supplier, program management by market; Quality of client reviews, metrics, benchmarks; Ease of transition, implementation; Cost containment, recommendations; Policy exception management, compliance reporting; Reporting, invoice accuracy, timeliness; Expense management cycle time, processing accuracy; Technology ease of use, reliability, ongoing enhancements; Swift, responsive level of person-to-person communiques; Expense management to invoice timing, accuracy, completeness; Excellence measured by Net Promoter Score™

2. Global Mobility Solutions (GMS)


Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) is a full service talent mobility provider offering a wide range of global and domestic relocation services. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality service and meeting the unique needs of each individual client. GMS was ranked as one of the top relocation providers in both 2014 and 2015 by HRO Today, including ranked No. 1 in 2015 for breadth of services.

As a provider of services for over 28 years, GMS has helped many companies conceptualize and redefine their mobility services program through various economic environments, budget goals and industry changes. Since our inception, we have assisted over 500,000 relocating employees.

GMS is a privately held company allowing independence in supplier selection and supply chain management. This delivery model facilitates overall cost control, as well as the highest quality of service from our providers. GMS is a member of Worldwide ERC, the Workforce Mobility Association. GMS serves a wide variety of clients in the U.S. and abroad.


• Global Policy Review and Consulting – Our tenured and talented consulting team offers benchmarking, best practices, and program design solutions to help our clients remain competitive within their industries.

• Pre-decision Programs – Our Pre-decision program acts as an extension of our client’s talent management team; to identify talent fit and make a good impression on the recruitment of candidates and current employees considering relocation. Services included in the program are: Cost of living analysis; Talent assessment programs; School reports; Cost estimates; Community tours; Home sale analysis – broker market analysis (BMA); Travel services; Candidate expense tracking; Expense management

• Domestic Relocation- Global Mobility Solutions’ 28 years of expertise in delivering domestic relocation services allows us to offer our clients integrated and customized solutions that uniquely fit within their culture and program goals. Our domestic services include: Home marketing assistance; Homesale programs – buyer value option (BVO) and guaranteed purchase offer (GPO); Inventory management; Home finding services – rental assistance and home purchasing; Household goods move management; Temporary living services; Mortgage programs; Travel services; Expense management

• Global Assignment and Global Preassignment – Global Mobility Solutions consultative approach assists clients in designing a program that meets organizational goals with the flexibility of adhering to country specific service delivery nuances worldwide. Our global services include: Cost estimates/ projections; Global compensation and tax; Visa, work permit and immigration services; Property management; Temporary living; Home finding services – rental assistance and home purchasing; Household goods forwarding; Language training; Intercultural training; Destination services – spouse career assistance, education assistance, vehicle purchase or leasing services; Travel services; Expense management

• Technology & Reporting- Global Mobility Solutions invests a large amount of capital annually into technology and reporting. This provides assistance to our clients with monitoring the success of their programs and increasing the level of satisfaction for relocating employees. Our technology offerings include: Dashboard status and ad hoc reporting; On demand and scheduled reporting in all formats; Online expense submission; Online initiation and tracking; Payroll system integration; Mobile applications; Online relocation specific tools and resources

• Group Move Services – Domestic and global services above designed around specific group move needs; Site Planning; Employee Retention Analysis; Onsite Resource Center; Dedicated Online Web Portal for Group Move Employees

3. MSI Global Talent Solutions


MSI is a global talent solutions company that helps organizations strategize and execute programs for assessing, developing and mobilizing their key talent worldwide. MSI services include MSI’s services include Global Mobility and US Relocation Services; Talent Management Services; Global Immigration Services; Global Compensation Services; and Global Expansion Services.


• Global Workforce Mobility Services

• International Assignment Management Services

• Global Compensation Services

• Global Tax and Compliance Services: Tax Services

• Group Move Management Services

• Global Talent Management Services

• Immigration Services: Work Permits; Visas; Residence Requirements

• MSI Professional Services

• Expansion services: Logistics; Finance; Human Resources; Tax and Legal – Global Tax Planning Services, Global Legal Services, Global Compliance Services

Most important metrics:

Communications; Strategic Support and Guidance; Financial Services; Counseling and Support; Data; Supply Chain Performance

4. Cornerstone Relocation Group


Cornerstone Relocation Group is a full service global mobility company offering comprehensive services and customized relocation programs from offices in New Jersey, California, Dallas, Chicago, Singapore and Frankfurt, Germany. Cornerstone analyzes the complexities and nuances of thousands of domestic and global relocation programs, tailoring them to meet client needs. Cornerstone is a subsidiary of Atlas World Group.


• Global Services: Relocation/Assignment Situation Analysis; Candidate Assessment Coordination; Global Assignment Cost Estimates; Letter of Assignment (LOA); Policy Counseling & Coordination of Benefits; Global Balance Sheet Administration; Pre-decision, Pre-visit & Area Orientation; Visa & Immigration Coordination; Household Goods Move Management & Long-Term Storage; Pet Transportation & Boarding Coordination; Automobile Move Management & Storage Coordination; Global Marketing & Home Sale Coordination; Travel Coordination (all assignment related travel); Education & Schooling; Tax Services Coordination; Home Finding/Rental Assistance Coordination; Home Purchase; Temporary Living Coordination; Furniture Procurement & Rental Coordination; Language Training Coordination; Intercultural Training Coordination; Host Location Transportation Setup and Tracking; Property Management Coordination; Spousal/Partner Assistance Coordination; U.S. Certificate of Coverage Application & Coordination of Non- U. S. Application; On-Going Assignment Support & Monthly Reporting; Expense Administration; Emergency Services Coordination; End of Assignment Support Coordination

• Domestic Services: Relocation Situation Analysis; Relocation Cost Estimates; Policy Counseling & Coordination of Benefit; Pre-decision, Pre-visit & Area Orientation; Household Goods Move Management & Short-Term Storage; Automobile Move Management & Storage Coordination; Travel Coordination; Education & Schooling; Marketing & Home Sale Coordination; Inventory Management; Home Finding/Rental Assistance Coordination; Home Purchase; Mortgage Assistance; Temporary Living Coordination; Furniture Rental Coordination; Property Management Coordination; Spousal/ Partner Assistance Coordination; Expense Administration

Most important metrics:

• Client Satisfaction

• Transferee Satisfaction

• Consultant Responsiveness

• Supplier Satisfaction – supplier performance

• Timing of Disbursements

• Invoicing Accuracy

• Withholding and Tax Gross Up Accuracy

• Management Reporting

• Electronic Online Access

• Move Management Satisfaction with Carrier

5. NuCompass Mobility Services Inc.


NuCompass is a global relocation management company, with 50 years of experience in providing a full range of US Domestic and Global Mobility services. CoPilot™ by NuCompass is a new software and services platform for managing employee relocations that reduces costs and improves employee engagement.


NuCompass provides full US Domestic Services and Global Mobility relocation and assignment management services including:

• CoPilot™ Software and services platform; Employee self-managed relocations; Direct integration with vetted suppliers

US Domestic

• Policy Consulting and Analysis

• Relocation Cost Estimator

• Affordability & Comparison Tool

• Home Marketing Assistance

• Buyer Value Option

• Home Sale and Closing Services

• Destination Services

• Homefinding

• Mortgage Assistance

• Household Goods Coordination

• Relocation Expense Management

• Temporary Accommodations

• Spouse/Partner Assistance

• Group Move Services

Global mobility services:

• Policy Consulting and Review

• Candidate Assessment

• Assignment Cost Projection

• Assignment Program Administration

• Assignment Agreement Preparation

• Visa and Immigration

• Compensation Administration

• Remuneration Data Provider Coordination

• Cross Cultural and Language Training

• Destination Services

• Household Goods Move Coordination

• Temporary Accommodations

• Relocation Expense Management

• Education Assessment and School Placement

• Spouse/Partner Assistance

• On Assignment Administration

• Ongoing Payroll Delivery

• Host Departure Services

• Tax Settlement Processing

Most important metrics:

• Cloud-Based Technology, with a proprietary software and services platform, interactive mobile apps, and eSignature functionality

• Exceptional Service and Partnership, based on service satisfaction results from Transferee Surveys and Client Surveys, where 100% of clients surveyed “would recommend NuCompass”

• Effective Cost / Program Management, with below industry average costs for home sale and 99.98% W-2 accuracy rates

6. NEI Global Relocation (NEI)


NEI Global Relocation is a Nationally Certified Women’s Business Enterprise that was founded in 1985 to serve companies in the relocation and assignment management of their relocating employees around the globe. NEI’s world headquarters is in the United States with regional offices in Switzerland and Singapore.

Talent mobility in today’s global marketplace requires speed, efficiency and flexibility, adjusting quickly to get the right people in the right place at the right time–that’s what we call talent agility. At NEI Global Relocation, we are committed to being partners in talent agility and providing Service Exceeding Expectations to our clients.

Our focus is on delivering the highest quality service customized to our clients’ needs. As a result, we are frequently ranked as one of the top global mobility providers in our industry:


Global client consultative and administrative services:

• Relocation Program Design, Policy Consulting and Program Reviews

• Domestic and International Cost Estimates and Projections

• Assignment Management Services

• Exception Management

• Supplier Partner Management

• Online and Mobile Technology Tools

• Global Tax Assistance

• Cost of Living Differential Programs

• Employee Compensation Services

• Policy Benchmarking

• Expense Management

• Management Accrual and Reporting Tools

• Candidate Intercultural and Adaptability Assessment

• Letter of Assignment / Job Rotation Agreement Preparation

• Payroll Reporting

• Industry Updates and Newsletters

• Group Move Consulting and Management

• Year End Reporting and Analysis

Global employee origination and destination services:

• Candidate Pre-Decision Services

• Relocation Counseling and Policy Interpretation

• Visa, Work Permit and Immigration Assistance

• Home Sale Program Management

• Home Marketing Assistance

• Area Orientation and Home Finding Assistance

• Destination and Settling-in Services

• Compensation Administration

• Mortgage Assistance

• Rental Finding Assistance

• Executive Level Services

• Expense Reimbursement, Tracking and Reporting

• Temporary Living Assistance

• Dependent Living Care and Assistance

• Lease Break Assistance and Utilities Termination

• Household Goods Management: Shipping, Auto Transport, Freight Forwarding and Storage

• Cultural and Language Training

• Mail Forwarding Assistance

• Property and Tenancy Management

• Spouse Employment Assistance

• Emergency Services

• Worldwide Banking

• Loss on Sale

• Automobile Procurement

• Pet Transportation

• NEI Cities Destination Location Research Tool

• Home Leave Coordination

• Medical Briefings and Emergency Services Coordination

• Repatriation Assistance

Most important metrics:

Transferee/Assignee Satisfaction; Cost Containment; Accuracy

7. Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc.


Weichert Workforce Mobility is one of the world’s leading relocation and assignment management companies, making it faster, easier and more cost-effective for clients to deploy key talent and transfer critical skills. An independently-owned company since our inception 47 years ago, we offer agility and responsiveness to meet any workforce mobility need, whether your company moves 10 or thousands of employees, across countries or between continents. We also provide our industry’s deepest global service scope, including global tax and tax prep services (through our wholly-owned tax subsidiary Weichert Mobility Tax Services), expense management and global payroll reporting, all from one convenient point of accountability.


• Advisory Services

• Pre-Departure Services

• Expense Management & Reporting

• Supply Chain Management

• Compensation Collection & Reporting

• Relocation Management

• Compliance Services

Most important metrics:

Client Satisfaction Rate (Weichert and Network Members); Mobile Employee Satisfaction Rate; Service Evaluation Response Rate; Cost Projection Delivery Turn Time; Year-End Compensation Summary Accuracy; Assignment Letter Delivery Turn Time; Amended Value Rate; Average Home Sale Cost; Direct Home Selling Costs; Average Days on Market; Total Appraisal Cycle Time; Expense Reimbursement Turn Time; Delivery Performance (Weichert Move Network); Average Claim Cost Per Move (Weichert Move Network); Invoice Accuracy

8. XONEX Relocation, LLC


XONEX Relocation LLC is a privately-held, full-service relocation management company. We serve discerning global corporate clients who believe that having a leading edge, high touch, innovative and cost effective program for relocating their employees is paramount to their growth and success.

Services: Domestic services include:

• Home selling services; Home marketing

• Inventory management

• Property management

• Lease break assistance

• Employee policy counseling

• Household moving preparation

• Home finding services; Mortgage services

• Temporary corporate housing

• Household moving coordination

• Settling in services; School finding services

• Spousal career coaching; Elder care

• Expense management & reporting; Cost of living comparisons

Global services include:

• Global moving services

• Visa and immigration

• Intercultural training

• Language lessons

• Automobile leasing

• Global banking

• Assignment management

• Expatriate support

• Repatriation assistance

Program management services include:

• Relocation policy counseling

• Pre-decision assessments

• Group move administration

• Lump sum relocation programs

• Cost management

• Relocation tax management

• Expense tracking

• Supplier diversity

Most important metrics:

Our people and diversity; Our technology and financial accuracy; Our size, speed, and horizontal management approach; Our thought leadership; Clear pricing strategy

9. MoveCenter


MoveCenter provides superior global mobility services by combining high-class personal service with speed, efficiency and cost savings. A privately held business, MoveCenter is proud to be the oldest and most stable Women’s Business Enterprise in the relocation industry. Established in 1963, our clients include Fortune 500 multi-national conglomerates, privately owned companies and government agencies, with programs ranging in size from 1 to 1,200 initiations a year.

MoveCenter combines state of the art technology with a customer centric service philosophy, producing industry leading performance results and acclaimed customer satisfaction. In fact, a cornerstone of MoveCenter’s business philosophy is to provide every client and transferring employee with a single point of contact through their appointed counselor, who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.


• Full Service US Domestic, Cross-Border & International Global Mobility Program Management

• Back Office Accounting / Expense Administration

• Office & Industrial Moving Services

• Group Move Management Services

Most important metrics:

• Client Specific Service Level Agreements

• Overall Client Satisfaction

• Transferee/Assignee Satisfaction

10. TheMIGroup


At TheMIGroup, world-class service is defined by a high-touch approach to relocation management and requires a commitment to ongoing innovation, complete program flexibility and transparency, and a passion to strive to be the best in everything that we do.

Established in 1978, TheMIGroup is a leading provider of global relocation management solutions. We offer a full range of Domestic and International Services including Global Compensation and Consulting Services – from total assignment management to individual services for transferees, expatriates or individuals on the move. With business centers located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, and supported by TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network®, we have the capacity to provide mobility services in over 175 countries and across all time zones.


• Intra-country relocation

• Global relocation & assignment management

• Strategic talent management

Most important metrics:

• Strategic program management and partnership

• Assignee / transferee satisfaction

• Compliance reporting

• Ability to deliver cost containing / saving ideas

• Invoice accuracy

11. Paragon Relocation


Paragon Relocation is the premier partner of choice in the global relocation management industry, providing thought leadership, innovative programs, value-added support and superior customer service to our clients and the families we relocate. True to its consulting origins, Paragon distinguishes itself by leveraging policy and program design to achieve cost savings, increased management capability and higher transferee satisfaction for its clients. Paragon Relocation has been providing relocation services for more than 25 years and offers services in 150 countries.

Services: Domestic services:

• Preview Trip Coordination; Pre-Decision Consulting Services

• Relocation Benefits Counseling; Relocation Expense Audit, Processing, Payment and Reporting

• Home Marketing Assistance; Homesale Services

• Property Management; Homefinding Services

• Mortgage Services; Rental Assistance

• Temporary Accommodation Services; Transportation of Household Goods

• Employee and Family Transition and Spousal Support Assistance

• Travel Management; Tax Gross-up and Reporting International services

• Pre-Decision Consulting Services; Preview Trip Coordination

• International Cost Estimates; International Relocation and Global Assignment Policy Counseling and Administration

• Relocation Expense Audit, Processing, Payment and Reporting

• Global Immigration Services

• Worldwide Destination Services, Homefinding and Settling-In Services

• Language and Cross Cultural Training

• Temporary Accommodation Services

• Tenancy Management; Property Management

• Homesale Services; and more

Most important metrics:

Client Satisfaction; Overall Transferee Satisfaction; Service Evaluation Return Rate; Account Manager Responsiveness; Relocation Consultant Satisfaction; Relocation Consultant’s Knowledge of Client Policy; Initial Transferee Contact; Exception Management; Average Days on Market; Amended Value Rate; BVO – Direct Home Selling; Re-sale Inventory Loss on Sale; Amended Value; Guaranteed Purchase by Appraisals; Appraisal Variance; Home Sale BVO Program Fallout Rate; Expense Cycle Time; Expense Audit Accuracy; Expense Process Accuracy; Year-End Performance; Transferee Satisfaction with Expense Processing; Invoice Accuracy; Timeliness; Payment Accuracy; Returned/ Rejected Wires; PRISM Availability

12. AIReS


AIReS is a global relocation solutions provider with a reputation for metric-based, world-class performance, and a unique familyfocused approach to customer service. An inherent focus on quality is essential to every aspect of our business, proven through key certifications like SSAE16, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, FIDI-FAIM, and C-TPAT. Each certification demonstrates AIReS achievement in quality initiatives earned through the respective audit functions of each organization. With more than 35 years of experience, AIReS concentrates exclusively on relocation programs for our corporate clients, and owns no subsidiaries, nor do we have any vested interests in other aspects of business.

Services: Corporate services:

• Relocation program management

• Home sale programs (AVO, GBO, BVO, marketing, direct reimbursement)

• ReloNet® Web Services site – corporate tools

• Policy review and development

• Real estate services; Property and tenancy management; Inspection services

• Cost of living projections; Expense management

• Insurance and risk management

• Move management; Reporting

• International compensation and data collection services

• Self-service lump sum technology & support

Family services:

• Home finding and mortgage assistance; Destination and settling-in services

• Household goods moving; Temporary housing & interim services

• Assignment management and ongoing support

• ReloNet® Web Services site – transferee tools

• Visa, passport, and immigration assistance

• Cultural and language training services; Repatriation assistance

Most important metrics:

• Post Relocation Survey response rate; Post Relocation Survey service scores

• Service provider partner ranking/rating

• Diversity spend; Exceptions to policy; Invoicing accuracy

13. RELO Direct®, Inc.


RELO Direct®, Inc. is a full-service relocation management company, offering a wide range of global mobility management services to support private sector and US government agency clients with employees on the move. With industry experience dating back to 1992, RELO Direct® has the systems, processes, and procedures in place not only to meet and exceed customer expectations, but also to effectively contain costs. Our consultative approach to customer relationships results in customized solutions and innovative offerings that meet the specific needs of our clients and their relocating employees. Global services are delivered using our results-driven Direct Touchsm model from our headquarters location in Chicago, IL; as well as from service support centers in Shanghai, China; and Munich, Germany.


• US Domestic Relocation Services

• International Relocation Services

• US Domestic Program Management Services

• Additional International Program Management Services

Most important metrics:

• Ability to meet/exceed/far exceed the expectations of clients at year end

• Ability to meet/exceed/far exceed the expectations of relocating employees both shortly after initiation and at move’s end

• Invoicing accuracy

• W2 accuracy

• Year-over-year cost savings

• Innovation in offering creative solutions for unique mobility challenges

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