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Worker Confidence Index – Second Quarter 2019

The Worker Confidence Index (WCI) decreased by 5.8 points to 104.8 in the second quarter, down from Q1 2019 but comparable to the Q2 2018 level of 104.3.

Three of the four indices that comprise the overall WCI indicated lower results in the second quarter compared to 1Q 2019. The Job Security Index was the only index that increased in the quarter, while the Likelihood of a Promotion, Trust in Company Leadership, and the Likelihood of a Raise Indices all declined. However, when compared to 2Q 2018, all four of the indices remain slightly higher.

While females remain more confident about job security than males, they are less confident in the belief in a raise or a promotion, and trust company leadership less than their male counterparts.

Since 2015, the WCI has correctly predicted the direction of the next quarterly average of the Consumer Confidence Index 82 percent of the time. With the decline reported in the second quarter, the WCI suggests the CCI will decrease in 3Q 2019.

To learn more about what has happened in the Worker Confidence Index second quarter of 2019, download the report to find out.

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