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Worker Confidence Index Report – First Quarter 2020

On April 23, 2020, US weekly jobless claims hit 4.4 million, the highest since 2009. Not only has involuntary job loss effected millions worldwide, it is also top of mind for those still working.

So what do these numbers mean to individuals still employed, and how will it affect worker confidence in the near and distant future? The Worker Confidence Index report, sponsored by Yoh, for First Quarter 2020 touches on this subject and more.

In the US, the impact of COVID-19 was not predominant until early March, so this content shows the shift in confidence from both before and amidst the height of the pandemic.

This report touches on:

  • The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on worker confidence in First Quarter 2020
  • How the first quarter of 2020 previewed the steep decline and how it’ll impact future quarters
  • How the four components of the index – Possibility of Involuntary Job Loss, Likelihood of Promotion, Anticipation of a Raise of at Least 3 Percent, and Trust in Company Leadership – have specifically changed

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