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Win the War for Talent With a Vendor-Neutral, Integrated Contingent-Workforce Management Model

U.S. businesses are using greater percentages of contingent workers to meet their staffing needs. These contingent workers are not only more prevalent, they are often used in highly skilled, mission-critical positions. However, that entails risk for the corporation including rising compliance costs. Those organizations that manage contingent labor effectively will find themselves in a better position to win the war for talent.

The traditional best practice is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) using a Vendor Management System (VMS). Historically, companies have picked a staffing firm to manage the contingent labor program. Problem: A MSP may be biased in favor of their own staffing services, and thus miss opportunities other staffing firms may offer to access the best talent. That has led to a new best practice: a purely vendor-neutral and integrated contingent workforce management model.

This paper will highlight how a purely vendor-neutral, integrated MSP and VMS model can successfully identify, source, track and manage professional contingent workers around the globe.

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