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Flash Report: Practices & Challenges in Total Talent Management

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Total Talent Management Practices and Challenges

In this flash report, we take a look at how organizations manage their contingent workforce and how well these practices combine with their Total Talent Management (TTM) model. The Total Talent Management model integrates the full spectrum of workers, from permanent employees to temporary workers, independent contractors, and freelancers.

The workforce continues to evolve and look different than it did not long ago. The onset of remote work, gig economy, and the demands of the millennial generation makes it rare to find a company comprised only of a traditional, permanent workforce.

The results from this study show that just over one-half (58%) of respondents have taken action to align their TTM model, including two-thirds of organizations with at least 500 contingent workers. Organizations that align their internal TTM models are most likely to have created a sourcing model for both contingent and direct applicants.

What else did the study reveal about TTM practices, use of contingent workers, and the impact of technology? Download the report to find out.

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