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The Inescapable Truths about Talent Acquisition, Part II: ‘Talk Data to Me’

In the first part of this two-part white paper series, we demonstrated crucial benefits to investing in HR – including improved patient care, better ability to accomplish your healthcare organization’s mission, and better business results. Now, the next step becomes selling the business case. But how?

Data is the answer. There is a fear that budgets are constraining HR’s ability to sell the concept of greater HR investment, whether in new technology or in internal talent acquisition resources. To sell the business case, HR professionals will have to offer the strongest possible evidence. That evidence is likely dispersed throughout your operations – HR will have to find it and assemble it in a way that connects staffing levels with revenue generation and cost reduction.

Learn our five data points in this white paper that you can use to present your business case and to get the attention of the CEO.

Click here to download the white paper

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