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Flash Report: You Are What They Think: How Companies Invest and Measure the Impact of Employer Branding

Employer branding is of growing importance to organizations as they try to attract top talent in a tight labor market. In this study, respondents were asked to explain their perceptions of the scope of employer brand – whether it is a candidate attraction effort only, or part of a wider engagement initiative.

Nearly nine-in-ten (85%) stated that it is part of a more broad-based initiative, extending to all stakeholders in the business, including from owners, suppliers, customers, and candidates.

Despite knowing the importance of employer brand, most respondents indicated that they still struggle to identify unique points that distinguish themselves from competitors. In addition, only 20% of those surveyed indicated that they have established metrics for measuring the success of employer branding efforts.

What else did the study find about investment in employer brand and its role of as a part of talent acquisition strategy? Click here to download the report.

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