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HR New Technology Report – First Quarter 2020

The rate of new technologies being developed and companies providing them is exponentially increasing each year. And despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic late in the first quarter, there were still 89 major announcements.

How does this compare to previous years and quarters? And what does this information, taking into account the current pandemic we know of now, mean for the human capital management (HCM) technology sector in the long run?

The Human Resources New Technology Report for Q1 2020 provides answers to these pressing questions and much more.

Download it below to learn:

  • Critical information about new technologies, their applications, and the companies offering them in the HCM technology sector
  • The origin of each of the 89 new announcements
  • Whether the current pandemic will positively or negatively affect new technology announcements going forward
  • The predicted effects COVID-19 will have on future quarters

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