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HR innovation -A look ahead to 2017: Part II

What innovation concepts are most relevant to the talent-acquisition function? Alexander Mann Solutions and HRO Today commissioned this study in April 2016 to answer that question – and specifically to understand innovation and what was driving organizations’ failure to innovate.

In Part I of this two-part series, we examined what was occurring in terms of innovation on the talent-acquisition front. In the course of our conversations and research, we recognized a need for a new term to describe the phenomena we were hearing from talent-acquisition professionals: We came up with the term “non-novation.” It means more than “not innovating.”

It means doing things that seem to drive new and meaningful change, but somehow the change does not happen. Innovators implement change. Non-novators take a detour.

In this Part II, we will reveal those innovation concepts most relevant to the talentacquisition function and which types of innovation HR practitioners are hoping to introduce so they can overcome and remove barriers to innovation.

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