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HR in the OR

In January 2016, HRO Today produced a report sponsored by Clinical Magnet named “HR in the ER.” That study explored the link between human resources and business outcomes in hospitals and health systems.

As a follow-up to that very successful study, Clinical Magnet commissioned HRO Today to investigate the following question: What do profitable hospitals do that those struggling to maintain profitability do not? The research specifically addressed staffing levels, one of the biggest costs of any medical center. The study was conducted in July and August of 2016 from among 160 respondents from hospitals and medical centers, and included responses from both talent acquisition and finance/accounting managers.

A distinction is made in this study between those organizations with a profitability focus and those without, as non-profit hospitals also have bottom-line responsibility, just like for-profit hospitals do. The difference between these segments isn’t based upon legal structure.

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