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The Growing Crisis in Healthcare Talent Acquisition

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Talent acquisition professionals at healthcare provider organizations face enormous pressures. Macro-forces are driving demand for healthcare services – and unprecedented shortages of healthcare workers. The key demand drivers are:

• An aging population will need more healthcare. People who are 65+ experience three times as many hospital days compared to the general public. That ratio goes up to four times as many for people 75+.

• The clinical workforce is getting older, too, and more practitioners are retiring or moving to a part-time schedule.

• The strong economy means more people have jobs with health insurance and money for copays and deductibles.

• Shortages exist across the board for nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals in virtually all specialties. The gap of unfilled healthcare jobs continues to grow.

• Healthcare industry consolidation is creating large, sophisticated delivery networks that demand top quality practitioners and professionals with skills to work in this new healthcare environment.

• The competitive talent acquisition environment in healthcare is itself magnifying the demand by offering many new employment opportunities to practitioners, whether they are seeking new jobs or not.

These trends have translated into an expanding need for hospitals and medical facilities to increase staffing. The requisitions for those positions land on the desks of talent acquisition specialists, who then must seek to fill openings with high-quality candidates in the most competitive healthcare jobs market to date.

Inside this report are four reasons why an advanced partnership approach to talent acquisition with workforce solutions experts is necessary in the super-heated environment of healthcare staffing that exists today – and will continue for the foreseeable future. To learn the reasons:

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