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Evolution and Revolution in HR Outsourcing

In this research, sponsored by Guidant Group and conducted
by The HRO Today Institute, we set out to understand how outsourcing evolves and spreads through an organization, theorizing that out of the first one or two outsourcing experiences and implementations a map eventually emerges. We compiled and analyzed secondary research and then conducted a series of 25 in-depth interviews with both human resources (HR) and procurement professionals in leading global organizations. We tested our theory in two related processes, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and managed services programs (MSP).

Our supposition was that as an organization experiences success in one process it builds on that success, expanding its outsourcing geography through relatively clear, ordered paths.

However, after investigation our original theory was proven wrong. Through the evaluation we gained invaluable insights into how that evolution impacts current and future HR services outsourcing. The evaluation also led us to understand what organizations can do to discipline themselves to be more successful at the adoption of second and third outsourcing programs.

Download the Evolution and Revolution in HR Outsourcing report.

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