Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategies for a New Normal

DEI has become a core value and contributor to organizational success. Throughout the past few years, we have seen the emergence of many considerations, both internal and external, cultural and sociopolitical, that will factor heavily into the DEI landscape.

To build a strong culture and efficient processes around DEI, one capable of withstanding and adapting to constant change requires more than just a mission statement. Instead, D&I professionals need to first learn how to make DEI a priority. They then need to find solutions that not only support robust DEI programs but provide actionable business insights backed by data.

There’s no doubt that in 2022 and beyond, companies will continue to devote more attention and resources to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. The business case for Inclusion is stronger than ever and the relationship between diversity and the likelihood of financial outperformance has strengthened over time. HRO Today’s Inclusion Summit will features stories from diversity winners that are adopting systematic, business led approaches to DEI. Our expert speaking faculty will highlight specific interventions where they are taking bold action to create a long-lasting inclusive culture.

Session Topics Include:

  • Managing global D&I programs
  • The effects of vaccine mandates on your workforce
  • Diversity & Inclusion analytics and other D&I tech
  • Sustaining management engagement and accountability in D&I Initiatives
  • Diversity and inclusion in the age of remote/hybrid work
  • Aligning diversity with talent acquisition and talent development efforts
  • Creating an inclusive culture for LGBTI talent
  • Innovative D&I training
  • Launching or revamping ERG’s
  • Addressing intersectionality in the workplace

Featuring the 1st Annual HRO Today Inclusion Awards

HRO Today has a long tradition of recognizing the work of HR and talent management executives at our HRO Today Forums. In keeping with that tradition, the 2022 Inclusion Summit will recognize the work of HR, business leadership, and DEI executives that effectively implemented programs that promoted an inclusive workplace, enhanced their employer brand, and improved employee engagement & retention. Awards winners will be announced during a luncheon on day two of the event.

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