Top Sourcing Consultants

Choosing the right sourcing advisor in some cases may be as important as picking the right service provider. Here’s a look at the top firms in BPO today.

by HROT Staff

In just about every large HRO engagement today, a critical player helps ensure that the deal is held together through the rough patches. Sourcing advisors have become nearly indispensable in bringing buyers and providers together, serving at times as impartial referees, and accelerating the contract process.

In our annual look at the largest sourcing advisory firms, we provide you with a starting point in selecting an appropriate consultant. This is clearly the most active and knowledgeable group of advisors in the world today, and while you may bristle at their enormous fees or question their neutrality, there’s no dispute about their expertise, having participated in most enterprise HRO deals signed.

How you determine the best sourcing advisor will depend on your specific needs, but what is for certain is the value of the advisor to the deal. So as you consider HRO, consider this to be one of the first steps in the journey.


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