Top Sourcing Consultants of 2006

Before considering taking on HRO, dial up one of these industry gurus. They’ll save you money, headaches, and possibly your job in the case of a really bad deployment.

by Andy Teng

You can’t take the sourcing out of outsourcing and you certainly shouldn’t take the sourcing advisor out of the HRO deal. There are many firms that consult on outsourcing, but here within the pages or HRO Today are the widely recognized leaders in the sourcing advisory field.

Some names you’ll recognize easily; these are the undisputed brands in sourcing services. These firms have been behind the scenes of some of the largest HRO engagement, providing sage advice to the uninitiated. Armed with powerful research, deep experience from previous deals, and the insight of scores of advisors, these consulting groups can sometimes mean the difference between an enjoyable HRO venture and a scarring experience.

The information listed here will help get you started. From the number of consultants at the firms to the size and number of deals serviced to the geographic areas served and other pertinent data, this feature will give you an idea of the kinds services offered in the HRO market. We’ve included contact information so you can call for help as soon as you’ve glanced through these pages and picked out the most suitable ones.

The advisors chosen here are those widely recognized in the industry, but we also sought the input of buyers and providers.

As always, we invite you to submit your firm for consideration in future editions if you were omitted. Like the rest of the industry, we’re always interested in finding as many different voices as possible.

List of Top Sourcing Consultants (PDF)

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